Deed Tree


I know a little late but better than never..*smile*

I just got the hang of blogging and actually just came back on line not too long ago.

Here is a project that went on during the whole month of Ramadan. I forget where I got the idea but it was something similar to what we did in my family.

Here is the start of our “Deed Tree”


Bare Deed Tree

This was just cut out into parts with regular cardboard. I am sure you can use art paper or whatever you like. I had to make mine a strong one since it would be in little hands reach and I didn’t want it coming down.

I cut the trunk out first after drawing it out on the cardboad, then added each branch or group of branches to my liking. Taped it to the wall and it was ready.

The concept of this was to teach my children to do as many good deeds in the Month of Ramadan as possible as the rewards are greater. A good thing about this is that I hoped that it would rub off and they would continue wanting to do good deeds after the month was out. It worked Alhamdulilah.

They would place their name on the leaf/acorn and the deed they did to keep track. Here are the leaves/acorns we used


leaves and acorn for the tree

Here is the Tree at the End of Ramadan.


Full Deed Tree

As you can see it was great success, Alhamdulilah. The little kids really caught on fast and they were doing good deeds left and right. I couldn’t keep up most of the time. *smile*

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  1. Alsalaam alaykum Sister,

    Masha’Allah what a wonderful idea. I think I will do this with my kids this Ramadhan insha’Allah.
    Jazaki Allahu khair.

  2. Assalamu ‘alaykum sister!!
    jazakillahu khayran, our sister Amatullah Umm Zakariyah have translated this post:

    wasalam Umm Yahya

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