Arabic Alphabet Poster

Handmade poster of Arabic Poster


So we have entered that part in our Islamic Studies where we are learning about the Arabic Alphabet.

My older girls take classes on .

The sister Umm Umar Khadeejah teaches classes from:

They are very helpful and the sister is thorough and extremely patient. May Allah Reward both sisters for all they have done to help us in teaching our children, Ameen!

For reinforcement and teaching my young ones, We have made a large poster. My 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter really love this poster we made. I must say my 2 year old likes pointing at the letters and then have us tell him the letter then he tries to repeat us, it’s so cute masha Allah.

Okay, how this poster is made is very simple. I just took a cardboard box, again you can use art paper or whatever you prefer. I just chose this for sturdiness because it will be moved around and the kids touch it so much. Poster board may do the job too.

What I did is section the box in half to get the flaps of the box out. I then taped those two sections together and this gave me my large poster like backing to work with. I took white paper and covered it so it wouldn’t look so much like a brown box.

Now for the alphabet itself…..hmmm I had some cutouts of the alphabet saved on my computer from a sisters site that no longer exists (umm Fatimah) .  I had my kids color them, cut them out and then I placed them on cardboard and cut them out again. ( there’s a reason for so much work…*smile*)

I wanted to make this another hands on project so I placed some velcro on the back of each letter so we can move them around once the kids learned them in order to just make sure they know the letters. I also plan on adding fathah,dammah,and kasrah to the letters later on insha Allah.

Here are the color cutout letters I used:

**Note**  You will need Microsoft Word to view these.

Alif file: alif1

Baa file:baa1

Taa file: taa[1]

Thaa file: thaa1

Jeem file: jeem

Ha file: ha

Kha file: kha1

Daal file: daal1

Dhal file: dhaal1

Ra file: raa1

Za file: zaa1

Seen file: seen1

Sheen file: sheen11

Sawd file: saad1

Dawd file: daad11

Tau file: tau

Thau file: thau

Ayn file: ayn1

Ghayn file: ghayn1

Fa file: faa11

Qaf file: qaaf1

Kaf file: kaaf1

Laam file: laam1

Meem file: meem1

Noon file: noon1

Heh file: heh

Waw file: waaw11

Ya file: yaa1

Again you don’t have to use the files I have posted. You can use what you like. I chose these because it made it easy to involve all my children once again. Making handmade learning tools is really fun for them and helps them learn much faster masha Allah. I have just shared with you what I used in this post. Feel free to tweak it or even share back. I love to hear new ideas!

This is yet the beginning of our learning adventure into Arabic. May Allah make it Easy on us all, Ameen.


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  1. Masha ALLAH very cute…well made too! I remember making one like this on felt a while back, but it took us about 2 weeks, lol…My kids were both under 4, so I had to do all the cutting

  2. Assalamu alaykum ukhti, just found your blog. It’s so neat and looks really mash’Allah. This one is the second post I am reading and I am so looking forward to read the rest.
    Jazakillah for sharing the resources for Arabic. BTW is thms for reading Arabic or speaking?
    Jazakillah again
    wa alaykum assalam

  3. Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    Thanks for the great idea and the templates. I made it with some changes and I need to fix some things but here it is posted on the wall: .

  4. here is a working link:

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