Our Classroom

motivation poster


The pictures aren’t the best quality, but I just wanted to post what our classroom looks like after our first year homschooling. I pray Allah will make it easy for us all, Ameen.

Insha Allah as time as time goes by I pray to have the whole homeschooling thing down and organized. If any of you have an ideas on how to make the experience any easier, I am all ears!! *smile*


Daily calendar


I really have my Big sister to Thank for providing all the lovely posters to us. She has truly been the most supportive of our choice to homeschool.

                                     May Allah Guide her to Islam, Ameen.


yesterday was,today is, tomorrow will be...



daily weather graph


season circle

                            These weather charts are so fun for the younger kids.


This is our work area & The Little Kids craft table.

Another angle of our work area.


Close up of our work area



converting fractions poster


Proofreading Poster


Scientific Method Poster



Farm Animal poster


Shapes Poster


Human Body poster


Now, as winter comes to an end….INSHA ALLAH, Here are a couple of the projects the kids did to keep them pre-occupied while they had to stay indoors.
Our Winter Scene Project made out of foam paper/board.
These are our little snowmen made out of cotton just pasted on construction paper.
We also made some snowflakes that we just cut out of white paper and added glitter to, but the picture didn’t show.
We hope to have lots of spring projects, since the little kids are older this year. Insha Allah.
Another Motivation Poster
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  1. AsSalyamu aleykum, oh mashaAllah it is soo cute. May Allah reward those little one for their effort to encourage good. May Allah bless them and make them enter Jannah together with their parents. Amiin

  2. As salaamu alaykum,

    Masha Allah, seems like a really productive work area. May Allah make your homeschooling days productive and fun, Ameen.

    Umm Ibrahim

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