Baby Lapbook

baby cover 

So, The new baby is due and I am still pregnant, Masha Allah.  

We have been working on a “new baby” lapbook to familiarize the little kids with the whole idea of another sibling. My 4 and 5 yr old are at an age where they can understand a bit more than they did 2 yrs ago when I had my last son, so I thought it to be a good idea to include them in some memory type craft to give the new baby when it grows up a bit,insha Allah.

Here is the link where I found the files for this lapbook: Lapbook Lessons

Please understand that this is a Christian website for lapbooking, but I only used what applied to my family and created my own files to incorporate our Islamic teaching. I think you may have to sign in to become a member, but it is free and the resources are great for teaching.

The cover was simple, we used foam board for the baby blocks and had my 5 yr old color a couple baby items to add below the blocks.

To make the entire lapbook we used 3 file folders.

baby lapbook

Here is our first section of the inside of the lapbook.

baby lapbook2

The second part of the inside of our Lapbook. This part has mainly pockets with cards in them.

proof quran

This is our proof from the Quran.

proof quran2

This is the inside of the book. Questions and answers that are simple. I had my 5 yr old fill it out, masha Allah

Here is the file if you would like to use it: Proof from Quran book

measure baby

measure baby2

Measure baby mini book. Inside it has a page for your lil one to fill in their information as well as the new baby’s information when he/she is born.

walk wheel

Here is the learning to walk wheel. It shows the stages of learning how to walk. (crawl,sit,stand,walk)

ready for baby cards

These are really cute cards. They tell you what things the baby will need. What I liked about these is that they had the word printed in dotted form for the child to trace. My 5 yr old is still learning how to write so this was good practice.

ultrasound imag pocket

 This is a little diaper pocket that was originally meant for relatives, but  we used it for the ultrasound pictures we had instead. We marked the pictures of how old the baby was in utero and the body part showing. The ultrasound tech was nice enough to take images of body parts and print them for us, masha Allah.

growing family album

Here is the growing family album which both my 4 yr old and 5 yr old were able to draw their own version of what are family looks like now and what it will look like when their new sibling arrives insha Allah. Really cute!

baby needs

I really liked this pocket and cards set. My 5 yr old was able to draw the pictures herself and was ever so proud too!

baby count

These are nice as well. They are the baby counting cards. Everything baby that counts the numbers 1-10.

baby letter


The letter to the baby! How sweet is this, I had both my 4 yr old and 5 yr old write one for the baby. Masha Allah.

baby look like

 Here is a little  book that My little ones will eventually fill out after the baby arrives insha Allah.

family games

Here is where we got a little creative on our own and added a little Islam to it, Masha Allah. This is the back of the lapbook where we have two pockets in which hold two activities we made.

family puzzle

Here is the puzzle we made. This wasn’t easy to come by, but what I did is find an image and edited to the best of my ability.

family puzzle pieces

Here is the puzzle file if you would like to use it: Muslim Family Puzzle

This puzzle is a very rough file as you will see if you download it. I did the best I could with the time I had. To make it a little more detailed after I printed it on cardstock, I simply used a black shaprpie marker (sharpie because it don’t smear if you color the puzzle with markers) and traced the entire image. This gave us more crisp lines and made it easier to color in.

matching names

This is the matching phonics game I made for my little ones. Since they are at the reading stage, I thought it would be nice to make something interactive that involved them a little more. How the game works is simply place the picture card on the table and find the word that matches that picture. I also added the arabic transliteration to familiarize the kids with arabic terms. As they learn those insha Allah I intend on also added the Arabic text.

matching names2

This is a close up of the first part of the cards. I tried making the images as halal as possible as not using faces.

matching names3

Here are the second half of the matching cards.

Here is the file for the matching cards:Family Names

Insha Allah the new baby will be here soon for us all to meet. I hope you enjoyed our lapbook and found any part of it helpful when it comes to introducing a new sibling to your household as it did for us. My children are all eagerly anticipating the new arrival.

I will keep you all updated insha Allah.


Barakallahu Feek, Ameen.


♥♥ UPDATE ♥♥


ALHAMDULILAH! One day after I posted this lapbook and one day after my due date I delivered a healthy baby boy! The labor was quick and my recovery is going well. The children have been enjoying their new sibling and I have been enjoying the newness of motherhood yet once again. I am truly grateful and I can say the power of du’a has really proven itself yet again. ALLAHU AKBAR!

I would like to thank those sisters out there who have followed me through this pregnancy and dealt with my “pregnancy pains” with me. *smile* I also would like to Thank those of you who have continuously made du’a for myself and my family as it has helped more than you know. May Allah reward you all for your sisterhood and truly wanting for your sister what you want for yourselves. I Love You all for the sake of Allah!


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  1. As salaamu alaykum! Is the baby here?
    This is such a WONDERFUL idea. I absolutely love it love it! I may have to try one of these for us, though my baby has been here for 10 months, masha Allah. She’s cut her first tooth this past few weeks and is cruising along the walls…………………….

  2. Assalam alaikum.

    MashaAllah, it looks soooo lovely!! I truly loved it!

    And I’ve delivered a baby boy in end of May, too! I missed making one like this for him. Well, maybe next time? InshaAllah!

    Jazakumurrahu khairan for sharing!

  3. mashaaaaaa allllllaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

  4. […] was inspired to make this lapbook after seeing Umm Abdul Basir’s lovely lapbook here. She very kindly made printable templates available to download. The Islamic elements are her own […]

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