Pajama Girls

all three

We prepared all the children for the coming of the new baby, but the younger children needed to be separated. I had my 5 yr old daughter with my 4 yr old son. I felt it time for change and put all the girls together despite the age difference, My 5 yr old is old enough to know now not to touch her bigger sisters things. The boys are together now. My 2 yr old was rooming with ummie and abi and now it’s time to make room for baby!

In making the transistion easy I had the kids all do a craft, a simple on at that. I wanted to include them all. Although I know that this one is a bit elementary for my older girls, I just wanted to let my 5 yr old think that she was a big girl and her sisters played along by humoring both me and my 5 yr old in this one.

I had a pajama coloring page. They were able to decorate their pajamas any way they wanted. Then I made a name plate for each one and we Taped it to their bedroom door so anyone who visits can see that the girls all share their room.

Here are the pics:


 This one belongs to my 5 yr old.


This one is my 14 yr olds


This one is my 12 yr olds

I just thought I would share because they are so cute! I will miss when they are all grown up!!

I had the boys color in cars, but I am in the process of changing their room over to dinosaur theme and plan on having dinos on the front of their bedroom door. I will post when they are done.

Please share your ideas, I would love to see how you all handle different age leveled children and if they have to share rooms with one another.

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  1. As salaamualaikum wa rahmatuAllahi wa baraakaatuh,

    I have six children, 4 boys and 2 girlsof all difft ages. The boys share a room and the girls share a room. SubhaanAllah we never had a problem with the rooming arrangements lol. They like their only girls room and the boys like having their all boys room. The girls have all their girly toys and clothes and stuff in there with their cute blankets, and they decorate it sometimes, while the boys like their space to do their boy stuff. The ages of the boys are 11.8,4 and almost 8 mos, and the girls are 6,and almost 10 yrs old.

  2. As Salaamu alayki

    This is so cute mashallah can you please tell me where did you get the outline from or did yall make them your selves?

    Barakallahu feeki for sharing wonderful mashallah

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