Personal Care/Puberty Lapbook

        both lap cover


 Are your girls changing from little girls to young ladies like mine??? Have you wondered how it is you can teach them about puberty without actually feeling awkward or embarrassing them? I have and my girls have met that stage from being a little girl to a young lady now,masha Allah.

I found this really neat lapbook. Click here  for the link to get the files if you want to make one as well. Again this is a Christian website,but I modified the files and only used what was necessary for me to teach the girls. If you don’t want to buy the book that is used in teaching, you can always go to the library and borrow it or, you can just search on the net for the neccessary lessons.

I had both girls do their own lapbook, they are both very different and don’t have the same “style” lol. I took pictures of both to show you how different they look.

 Above  is both lapbook covers. One is Girly with pink and a  muslimah sillouhette and the other dark background with a shy muslimah. The pink girly one belongs to my 14 yr old and the other to my 12 yr old.


 This is the first lapbook. Very easy to reproduce. A little muslimah on the cover with butterfly embelishments. Little Muslimah is so modest trying to make sure nobody sees her. Masha Allah. She named her “Girls Growing


 This lapbook is a different kind than we normally do. It opens up into almost a poster like layout. We used two file folders just placing one above the other and taping them together. My daughter used black construction paper ( don’t ask me why she chose that color **sigh**) and placed her mini books where she chose.  The legs mini book is quite neat. Inside it gives you tips on shaving if you have to.


 Here is the rest of the lapbook completely layed out. You can see how it looks like its a poster with all the mini books layed out on it for quick reference.


 This is the middle a bit  more close. Some of the minibooks include “My Body” which shows the female reproductive system and they have to label certain female parts. Next, is the “What is Plaque” which is a  small match book style book . Nutrients pocket with vitamin,minerals,carbohydrates,protein cards.


Right side which has a “breasts” book that talks all about the difference and such.

food pyramid

 The food pyramid,it’s important to eat healthy!


Top right has “The Pits” mini book which talks about arm pits and caring for them. Below that book is a pad shaped mini book which talks about mense.


 I wanted to add a little Islamic perspective since I didn’t make this lapbook myself. So I added a “Ghusl” book which explains the steps of ghusl.


A yearly calendar for tracking mense days.


This is my oldest daughters, she got a bit creative and the cover of her cover she made it to look like a purse. she added the handle and some colored foil. The actual cover is just a silouhette of a muslimah embelished with butterflies.


 The inside cover is her mense calendar. This is to keep track of her cycle so she can learn her body.

Here are some simple calendars to print for this part 2009 calendar landscape , 2010 calendar landscape , 2009 calendar portrait , 2010 calendar portrait


The entire lapbook layed out.

puberty lap

 The middle half of the lapbook.


The middle of the lapbook with flap down. She found striped paper that she really liked and added it in there.


Middle up close. Mini books include “hands, which talks about different hand issues, mini book about legs as seen above.


Right side of book with a minibook about acne and it’s many names as well as a matchbook mini on smart snacks

puberty book

A minibook on Puberty, these book are through out the lapbook lesson on puberty.They cover different subjects. I really like these because they give the growing young lady the opportunity to ask you a question about that subject.

how to brush

A pocket on how to brush

steps how to brush

 These are the cards that go into the pocket.


An interesting minibook about hair! Ewwww….lol


The Ghusl minibook. A bit different than the one above. Here is the file for the minibook:  Ghusl

I also made a file on ways to worship Allah other than prayer since it’s females cannot pray while on their mense Here is that file: Ways of Worship

My girls once again enjoyed doing this lapbook like the others. This one covered so much and focussed greatly on hygiene which was a big help since sometimes they can slack.

I look forward to posting more of our works, it’s just finding the time *sigh*



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  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    Excellent as always! I was looking for some stuff for ghusl for my daughter for after her menses (whenever it starts) so this is great to find.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    As a mother of 4 boys, I’m actually kinda jealous about this awesome lapbook! I can’t wait to tailor your ideas for the male gender and can’t wait to forward this to all of my UmmDaughters!
    So inspiring…thank you!

    -Farnaz Dar

  3. I have to say I am so impressed! As a family that is opting to teach religeons under equal balance (we believe you choose your faith in your teens, so we decided every faith should be covered fair and unbias) I find your adaptation really good!

    Ive bookmarked your blog and will be returning as I can see you will be a valuble asset to our balanced education 😀

  4. Masha’Allah! What an amazing piece of work. Would never have thought you could make such an extensive lapbook on this subject. As a mother of 3 girls I’m desperate to crack on with this one LOL! but seeing as my eldest daughter is only 6, I think I still have a few years to prepare yet … so don’t go anywhere sister, I shall be returning to this blog in the near future insha’Allah 😀 Jazaki’Allahu khayran

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