Arabic Alphabet Game

That time of year is comig again…The approach of Ramadan! Insha Allah

I have been scrambling with ideas and slowly finishing them. I would like to have been able to move faster at getting them done, but with the new baby….he demands all of my attention *smile*

My idea is to get as much done as I possibly can so the kids have things to do other than crafts.

We have been working on Arabic lessons for the younger kids as well as the older, so I have made a board game with the helps of  Umm An-Nu’man Freebies She has created an arabic board game. Of course we had to add our own touch to it *smile*

arabic game board older

 This is the game for the older kids. We simply used an opened file folder. Colored it in with orange paint. and embelished it with arabic letters and a picture. Glued the gameboard pieces on  and there you go!

arabic game board older2

The Game spinner,Key list, and game pieces.

arabic game board older4

The start of the game

arabic game board older5

Bottom part of the game board

We used the game pieces from the set as well as the board, cut them out and placed them randomly through out the game. How we have set up for play is when you land on the letter you must say that letter and the lead of the game will then have the player make the sound of that letter with a kasrah,damma ect on it.

When a picture tile is landed on, the player must then go to the key and read that word.

Insha Allah this will help them brush up on the arabic for those who are learning to read it and teach the ones who are still trying.

So my 5 yr old came up to me after we had finished making this gameboard and said to me “Ummie, the big people are going to be playing the game while the little kids are bored”

Now you know what that meant…….Right! We made a second one for the “little kids”

arabic game board young2

Game for the little kids

Smaller and a different spinner

arabic game board tiles young

Game tiles for the little kids game

Now if you go to the site above for the arabic game the instructions are on the file.

How this is played is, once a player lands on a letter they then go to the tiles and find the picture with the same letter and name that letter.

We used a piece of crayola color explosion paper, and a piece of card board. Glued the gameboard pieces on randomly and it was done!

The game didn’t come with and game pieces, so of course we just had to make our own.

arabic game pieces

Arabic game pieces

arabic game pieces2

Arabic game piece close up

arabic game pieces3

Arabic game piece  taken apart

We all enjoyed putting this game together and I THANK my Sister in Islam for offering so much to us for free on her site. May Allah Reward Her and Her Family with Much Good, Ameen!!

Here are the pieces if you would like to use them

Arabic Letter Game Pieces


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  1. Ok, so like can you cut up all the little pieces for me and assemble the board for me? ha ha. I so don’t have the patience for that and no telling if the pieces will survive the kids cutting them out. Brother M needs something like this. Guess I’ll have to develop some patience or enlist big girl…………………..

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