Arabic Bingo

arabic bingo

We used Yemen Links for this game. She is another sister who has many great freebies. May Allah Reward her for all her work and offering so much to us fisibillah, Ameen!

We printed the cards out,the calling board and calling pieces. posted them on cardboard, and that was it. Fast and simple, just the way I like.  *smile*

arabic bingo2

Another game for the kids, Simple and self explanatory. Keeping them busy with something useful is great. Bingo offeres immediate rewards!!

arabic bingo3

Bingo up close

arabic bingo4

Bingo rewards!

We offer candy for winning a quick game of bingo! My children don’t eat it often so they love this. I am sure you can come up with something else that you think your children would enjoy.

I didn’t have anything to add to this game as bingo is self explanatory and simple. Nothing was needed other than pieces to place over top the card, we are still brainstorming this….to be continued…..


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