Ramadan Travel Puzzles & Matching Mats

Here is a goody, we just found on A Muslim Child is Born Blog Such a nice activity to keep the littles one’s hands busy whether on the road or at home.

These activity mats can be  done various ways. My older girls did this one real simple and quick!

We just printed out the cards on cardstock and the actual lil mats we printed on plain copy paper and glued it to cardboard. We used both sides of the card board to keep it all as one activity.

Ramadan Activity Mat

Ramadan Activity Mat2

Here is the mat up close, showing things we would do as Muslims as well as increasing our studies in the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Activity Mat3

One card matched to the picture, This is such a great activity for the younger children. I must say my 4 yr old has shown interest in it as well, perhaps he just wanted some ummie attention. *smile*

Next is the Ramadan puzzles, oh how I Love these!

Ramadan Puzzes

The sister at A Muslim Child is Born Blog really out did herself! Masha Allah. May Allah Reward Her and Her Family with much Good, Ameen!!!

Ramadan Puzzes2

The puzzles a little more close. Once again another activity to keep the young children busy at the table while you make iftar or even during the day while you are reading or teaching Islamic studies.

Ramadan Puzzes3

The Masjid puzzle up close to see the cut of the puzzle.

We didn’t spend much time at all assembling these puzzles. I am sure you could print them on cardstock and laminate. I printed them on plain copy paper and glued them to a box and cut them out with a box cutter. I have to make my stuff a little more durable since my 2 yr old son is rough! Masha Allah. The sister reccommended modge podge, which I
 knew nothing about and so I googled it and plan to order some, Jazakallahu Khair to her!

When we create our craft around my home we try recycling what we have around the house to teach the young ones about recycling and taking care of what Allah has given us. They have caught on well Masha Allah.


Enjoy these for the month of Ramadan insha Allah


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  1. As salaamu ‘alaikum Sis,

    MashaALLAH, those are really nice and JazakILLAH Khairin for the link.

    Take Care,
    Wa salaam,

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