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Okay, so we have been talking alot about mail and how we get mail. The little ones show so much interest,masha Allah. I went searching the net and found a real neat idea, and from that idea ideas just kept popping out at us. *smile*

This craft can actually be used year round or for Ramadan letters,postcards for friends and family.

First, we made out “outgoing” mailbox out of two small boxes taped together. The box stands about 22-24″ tall.


We made a slot on front to drop mail off. The idea also is to help increase the Muslim Sisterhood/brotherhood in our local area. The kids actually made up postcards and letters to give out to our locals as well as some of our family as a means of dawah, insha Allah.

We covered the box with a brown paper bag, then they came up with the idea to cover it with the candy foil I still have so much of *smile*. The big girls wanted it to mimic the U.S mail box somewhat.

We made a “MAIL” sign and had my 5 yr old color it in.

Here is the file for our sign if you woul like to use it: MAILBOXLABEL

we also decorated some stamps and glued them to the box

Here is the file for the stamps:  Blank stamps

This is a good project to cover many subjects. we talked about different places in the world(geography), spelling,handwriting,Islamic studies. I mean the list can go on!

Recently I have found pen pals as well for my 3 girls and thought this would be an excellent time to teach my 5 yr old daughter about mail. We made the big mail box for “outgoing mail” and boom an idea popped in my head. I was thinking of an idea for good deeds again for this Ramadan. Well, I found my solution. We made mini mailboxes and placed them outside their doors.

The idea is to write or draw something nice for each other each day of Ramadan and deliver it to the mini mailbox out their bedroom doors. I am trying to encourage them to do nice things for one another, insha Allah

They don’t get to open it until the day of Eid. This way they learn patience, and to be kind and say kind things about one another each day that passes, insha Allah. This will cover my “good deed” project insha Allah.

We got the idea for the smaller boxes from A Muslim Child is Born Blog

This is another way of using what we have by recycling old snack or dried food boxes. Here is the box without decoration


Here are pictures of their boxes completed.


Lil Missy’s, she’s such a girly girl, masha Allah. She added some clear cellophane that had flowers on it.


My Big Lug’s, he was very selective of his colors


My Chunky’s, he realy went to town painting glue on his box and nicley laqying his foil on the box….it’s just too bad it all didn’t stick!


Big girl #1

Yes, I do get the older girls involved in these “kiddy”deas masha Allah. I have to get them to show the little ones what fun they can have and how to get creative!


Big Girl #2

The idea to use the  colored foil again was the big girls, they thought it would look more realistic with shiny boxes,masha Allah.

After taking the pictures, we added name tags to the boxes.

We made “pretend” stamps for the postcards that would stay local as well as the inhouse mail. Here are a few pics of the postcards and stamps and stationary

 new mailbox

Have I mentioned that the kids love to color? Teehee

new mailbox2 

we used a premade postcard template and adding coloring pictures to it

Here is the file for some postcards we made in case you would like to use them as well



we found the postcard template at Crayola website

Our stationary isn’t too fancy right now, as we wanted to get this done soon. We plan on making more soon insha Allah.

 new mailbox3

Here are the files for stationary insha Allah



Our stationary is mini sized for our mini envelopes for our min mailboxes. *smile*


Here are the stamps we used for our “pretend” mailing

new mailbox4 

These stamps reflect Ramadan, but I am sure we will be making plenty of these throughout the year, insha Allah

Here is the file for our stamps: Stamps

Some stamps are bigger than others, there is a reason. The bigger stamps are for coloring and customizing. The smaller stamps already have a colored image and those we use for our mini envelopes.

We  used graphics from easel and ink, click the banner below to visit the forum. Once again, they are some extremely talented sisters there!


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  1. Assalam alaikum.

    Wow, looks like you’ve got so much wonderful ideas!
    Your blog is always inspiring, please keep up the good work!

    May you and your family have a blessed Ramadan!

  2. ASA,

    Very clever idea!!!Masha’allah.
    …the postcards and stamps…too cute!!!

    I also like your memory game. Insha’allah I hope to make one for my granddaughters!!

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