Eid Puzzles



The Ending of Ramadan has approached us and Eid Has arrived. This is such a bittersweet time isn’t it?

We have colmpleted everything we had  planned on making for our Eid Gifts for one another. Throughout the entire  Month of Ramadan we have written nice little notes to one another each day and placed it in our Big mailbox. We plan on opening it on the day of Eid, which insha Allah will be tomorrow. I have also made homemade puzzles,friendship bracelets,coloring pages and I have added some Islamic books and coloring books to our mailbox for all of the kids. One thing I particularly like are the puzzles  I have made. I committed myself to making them for the little kids to keep them pre-occupied when we have guests over or when we are at someone elses house visiting for the Eid, or even for the Eid prayer if they are restless while we are all greeting one another. I have made a few extras to give out to other sisters for their younger ones. We have also made some note holders out of popsicle sticks for a couple  people…*smile*


 16 pc puzzle, I only made one of these as it was challenging to complete them all.


Pieced apart


The box I put the puzzle in is a simple 1/4 lb candy box i bough at the local craft store

Here is the file for this puzzle: Masjid Puzzle 16 pcs


9 Piece Puzzle


9 piece puzzle up close

Here is the file for the 9 piece: A day at the masjid girl 9 piece Puzzle

                                                            A day at the masjid boy 9 piece puzzle


6 piece straight line puzzle for younger children

Here is the file: day at the masjid puzzle boy younger 6 piece

                             day at the masjid puzzle girl younger 6 piece

Eid puzzle1

2 piece Eid Puzzle

File for this one: 2 Piece Eid puzzle

Eid Puzzle2

2 piece Eid Puzzle #2

The file for this one: 2 piece Eid Puzzle #2

The graphics for the puzzles I used are from my favorite graphic site now masha Allah:



book A Little journal notebook I made for DD3 who really enjoyed it. I just used some cardboard and glued some felt on top and tied the book with lanyard (plastic string) and added some felt letters to the cover. I made this for those times we are in the car or visiting  someone, she can still practice writing since she loves writing now, masha Allah

Here is the pen

penjust wrapped in more lanyard

note holder

Here is one of the two note holders they made . The ones they gave these two were more appreciative than they had expected them to be *smile*

note holder2

The other note holder, has a post it note pad in it.

These note holders were made from popsicle sticks! The kids saved all summer long. They decorated them with paint (orange one) and marker  (pink one) 

They all like the rugged look of the finished product so they didn’t want to embelish it too much. A good Eid gift to give though for those who need to make themselves notes regularly like me* If I don’t write myself reminders I will not remember!

Here is the site where I found the note holder:Note Holder Craft

Insha Allah you all enjoy your Eid and remain steadfast with your Worship to the Most High.



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