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Do you have  a hard time getting the little ones to cooperate and get ready for bed in a timely manner without you having to walk them through every step? I did! Subhan Allah, sometimes it would take me 40 minutes to get the three little ones down…the baby would be crying, I mean just exhausting!

I came up with a bedtime center so to speak for the three little ones, masha Allah.

We have tried it four nights now, and I can say it has been working. The little ones feel a sense of responsibility and independence being able to follow the cards I made them. I have cut the time down to 15 minutes! A half hour before bedtime, I simply hand them their cards one child at a time of course. They gather them in their hands and do the tasks on the cards. Subhan Allah, it worked and is still working! My 2 yr old absolutely loves his new bedtime routine and my 4 and 5 yr old really feel like big kids, being able to do it all on their own,masha Allah.

Here are a few pictures of the bedtime Center I made them:


 I used 6 sheets of purple construction paper for the background and half a sheet for the pockets


The bedtime sign showing bedtime. I plan on buying a timer or a separate alarm clock to put near this center and set if for their bedtime,insha Allah.


Little Missy is the oldest of the three little ones so she has a few more cards than the 2 boys


Here is my Big Lug’s pocket he has less cards than Missy but more than Chunk


Chunks cards are mainly just pictures except one, the cup which is a 3 letter word that I thought maybe he could learn, insha Allah.


I printed the cards on regular copy paper and glued them to cereal boxes to help with durability. I then stapled them to the popsicle sticks.


Close up of the cards on their sticks


Close up of card


Another close up

I really believe that children love routine,responsibility, and independence. The Center has really helped them grow just a little independent. It actually makes my night easier when getting them in the bed. Insha Allah they will be grabbing their cards on their own one day and just do the tasks without any assistance from me. We have a little more structure in the house now, masha Allah.

Here is the file for you to use if you like: bedtime2

Here is the site where I found the images if you would like to make your own bedtime center: Do2Learn




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  1. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, ukhti thanks for sharing. Im so happy you have extra time to yourself at that time of day. My 6 yr old is almost to the point where he doesn’t need to be reminded, my 2 year old will run the house till 1 am if we don’t keep him on a routine. Neither one of them would be able to resist getting all silly with the potty card LOL, bathroom humor is just too funny still.

  2. As salaamu alaykum,

    This is awesome! I just made a pictureless chart for my seven year olds the other day and they like to follow that, but I think this would be more fun. And I am pretty sure my 4 year old would absolutely love this. What a neat idea, masha Allah.

  3. one more thing….I love the “drink” card, cuz kids ALWAYS want something to drink before bedtime…

    So u r making a morning routine one too? right? right? LOL. My morning routine runs better than my night routine (but maybe that will change if I use your cards), but I think cards for the morning routine will again, engage them more and get excited about getting things done….so when can we expect that???? hee hee hee hee hee..just kidding….well…..

  4. Assalamu alaikum,

    masha’Allah dear sis! So cute! I’m glad I checked your blog again (smile). The cards are really nice masha’Allah. Great job!

  5. I am so proud of you sis! Your class looks great you are so organized and creative. Your kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful and dedicated mother!

  6. JazakiAllahu Khairan! Love this idea! Now…just gotta make the time to make it…hehehe

  7. That’s such a beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing! I also incorporate parts of what I learned about bedtime routines from Baby Bedtime Center ( — (not the one you made.) 🙂

  8. […] at the center and then the cards or pictured checklists get posted in rooms for the kids.  Umm Abdul Basir has a nice bedtime routine/center you might want to check […]

  9. You are doing wonderfull with your children, I’ve been visiting you’re site for two months now and i love it. I have eight children, right now only two is home with me, the rest are in school. my dream is to home school some of them but right now i can only come to youre site for tips. I’m trying to get things together to home school in the weekend inshah allah .keep up the good work, you are my daily tutor.

    May allah reward you in this life and the here after ameen.

  10. Esalaamu aleikoum dear sister,
    BY chance I had found your site while searching for some Islamic type crafts and machallah I did. I can see just by skimming the pages I will learn alot here. I have
    3 children and even thou I live in a Muslim country I find it difficult to raise them Islamically but also to have fun with them. Enchallah and elhamdullah you have shared your ideas with us.

    I too have a blog, food blog if you would like to take a look!

    Fi amantullah; Henia in Algeria!

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