Du’a Bulletin Board

Has it been a month since the last I posted? We have been super busy here!

Finally finished our du’a bulletin board which I think is absolutely wonderful! I have been corresponding with the Dear Sister Umm Ibrahim and she has so many wonderful ideas! Masha Allah.


The board has a border,and interactive content for the children to continue to learn and be reminded to make du’a every chance they get, insha Allah.

There are also flash cards/learning cards/reminder cards to help the children learn a specific du’a.

The du’a tracker is great to keep track of daily du’as. We want to make sure the children get every reward they can. Du’a is a form of worship so don’t we want out children to be little “Du’a Makers” (Umm Ibrahim’s children,masha Allah)

You can see all the pictures of the du’a Bulletin board along with the files to help make the board yourself over at Islamic Bulletin Boards Blog

There are also other bulletin boards and board trimmers,borders and additions of various Islamic subjects.

Bulletin Boards have shown to be a great visual piece in my home as well as a gret Learning tool for the children. I didn’t think they paid attention to the board after a couple days, but they do! Masha Allah. The board alone has taught them more than I thought it would.

Try making yours today! Insha Allah


OOPS, I almost forgot to mention! There is a lesson unit over on  Talibiddeenjr Blog  for you to use as an aid in teaching your children about Du’a, insha Allah. The lesson is very in depth and it really helps discuss du’a with your children and the importance of making it. Take a Trip over to the sister Umm Ibrahim’s blog and download a copy for FREE of the unit! *smile*


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  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Masha’Allah sis! This is so wonderful! I really like the close up pictures and the reminders of when it’s best to make dua. May Allah reward you for your continued beautiful work.

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