Alpha Buddies

My focus these past few weeks is teaching my 4 yr old son his letters along with recognition and phonics. He learns much differently than my 5 yr old so I took a more hands on fun-like approach and so far so good, masha Allah

Our First letters

A Which we made an Alligator

I had him write lettes A‘s all over his Alligator

B is for Buzzy Bee

We made two different variations since he loves insects

C is for Crab

D is for Dinosaur

This one I couldn’t resist. He used a foam sticky letter D for the Dino’s Eye.

We did make a letter E crafts but it was not a Alpha Buddy. It was an elephant paper bag puppet which didn’t survive long enough to get a picture….lol

F is for Fish

Bowl without fish

We made a fish bowl out of blue construction paper for the water. Glued little ripped pieces of colored contruction paper for the pebbles at the bottom as well as some green plants for the fish bowl.

We covered the  with a half storage bag to give it a bowl like feel. I left the top open so he can add his fish in the bowl.

More to come insha Allah…………….


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