With winter vastly approaching, we have met our first snow of the season over this passed weekend,masha Allah. I personally love the snow, and my children also love the beautiful white flakes that Allah has made fall from the skies.

I took the picture from a window in my house that is screened so that is why you see the lines in the pic. The children weren’t able to go out and play in the snow since it was sopping wet,but they did make du’a for more snow.

My 4 yr old immediately said:

“Allah make is snow lot’s of snow’s” 

They can’t wait to get out there and just play.

Since we weren’t able to go out just yet, we did start our winter crafts with snowflakes. This year we made 3D snowflakes which were so much fun,masha Allah.

We made a few of these 3D snowflakes.

The White snowflakes….these are so neat and actually easy to assemble. I had the big girls buddy up with a little kid and these were such a hit with them all…Masha Allah.

A colorful snowflake. This helps you to see the different sections of the snow flake

Our snowflakes clustered together hanging in our classroom area.

Here is the website I found the instructions for the 3D snowflakes. Try them, you will love this project…even for just yourself!

Make a 3D Paper Snowflake



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  1. Nice! These are so much better than the 2D ones that we have been making. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As-salaamu alaykum Ukhtee – These are so cool maashaa’Allaah – we are going to recycle his old scribble papers (folders full of them!) and try making these snowflakes … I also found a great idea for recycling old broken crayons if you didn’t do this already – take the broken pieces and put them in a muffin tin (star or heart shapes would be cute!) and bake at 350 for 10 minutes or so, then after they’ve completely cooled pop them out and have fun!

    Give all my best to the children!

    Umm Omar

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