Official SNOW DAY!

I know I am a bit late on posting but last Saturday,we have had our first official “Snow Day” Alhamdulilah.

We were hit with about 6-7 inches of snow! I had to give the kids a snow day! Masha Allah

I had my husband take some pics to share with you!

 My 4 yr old son woke up this morning , looked out the window and said:

 “Allah Made it snow BIG,Alhamdulilah!”

I have really been reinforcing Du’a and he sure it taking to it. Making Du’a everytime he turns around. He even made du’a that his abi would make it home safely from work :

 “Allah, can you help my daddy get home safe,Ameen.”

Well, since it was our snow day, I had to make it a day of fun crafts and hot chocolate,mmmmmmm…

First we made our sleds, which was wonderful!

We made it out of popcicle sticks!

A snow man on one of the sleds to make it even more fun!

All the kids made their own sled and colored it the way they wanted. It was easy and simple to make. Glue,markers and popcicle sticks.

Here is the site I found this craft on:

Popcicle Sled Craft

Our Next craft was Snowflakes, again!

I had the big girls make these ones since the cuts were a bit more difficult. It was a  nice time to spend with them, we talked and cut the snowflakes. The different shapes were fun!

Here is the site I found this craft on: Paper Snow Flake Craft

Hope you all are keeping warm during our winter season! Have a cup of Cocoa from us!

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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I love this post; the snow, the duas and the crafts. We still have no snow this year strangely and it keeps raining. Your kids must have had a lot of fun playing in the snow at ‘recess’ right?

  2. As salaamu alaykum,

    Sounds and looks like a great day.
    Thanks for sharing the crafts…..and cocoa!

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