Snow Measuring Stick

Alhamdulilah! We had one amazing day!  We had a complete day of non-stop snowing! The kids were so excited to get out there to play. We had to wait for the snow storm to finish before they could go out and play so they went out the next day.

To make up for them not being able to go out, I let them craft and have special snack! This is always a great excuse for us ummies to get a little sweetness in our diet!

Since this was suppose to be a “BIG” Snow, I decided to let the kids make a Snow Stick that measures the snow fall. I always try to incorporate some kind of lesson whether it be simple or complex I somehow manage to make it work for both older and younger children.

While making the snow stick we discussed simple measurement. We talked about how tall they were and how some people are taller than others. They also watched their abi outside cleaning snow off the sidewalk and his car. They saw how the snow was big on abi.

When we finished the stick I then asked each child to guesstimate how much snow they think fell.

Ab & Missy said 17 inches
Chunks said 16 inches
Big girl 1 said 15 inches
Big girl 2 said 13 inches
of course there was an incentive to this whole measurement thing right? The winner would get a special dessert! They love their desserts!

It was a windy day after the snow!~

Can you see that~!

You read it right….13 INCHES!


I will say this much, I can’t just have one winner in the house! Really, I just make them all winners for putting their thinking caps on and participating. I measured different areas of snow just so each child could be a winner!

I made special personalized brownies for them, and they loved it! I even added some sugar snowflakes to them!

The materials I used were:

A paint stick that you stir paint with
curly ribbon ( I chose this because it’s water proof)
foil and cardboard ( to cut out the snowflake shape)
Black sharpie to add inch points.
We had so much fun making this craft. Not too much work and it is easily modifyable!
Here is where I got the idea: Snow Measuring Stick
Here is a pic of the actual blizzard!

This is only halfway through the storm! Beautiful~ Masha Allah~

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  1. SubhanAllah, very nice.

    We don’t get snow where we live, so my kids don’t know what is feels like to be out and having fun in the snow. I hope they will get to experience this in the future inshaAllah.

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