Binocular Craft

Yes, it has been a long while once again. I have been trying to keep up with the blog,but some unforseen things have happened that has prevented me from posting.

I ask that you all make du’a for my family insha Allah as I will yours.

Well, it is spring Alhamdulilah! We love our seasons and are ready for the changing of them when they happen. I have started the kids with learning about Allah’s creation and what the newness of spring brings us! Baby birds is our first lesson!

We started out talking about Baby birds and how Allah created them. Well, we plan on going on a adventure hunt tomorrow insha Allah and search for different birds. What better to help us observe and site birds and other things Allah has created but Binoculars!

A Simple and fun project we found over at  Twiggle Magazine 

We added a little bit more than what was required for the craft, but kids always like to personlize their work masha Allah.

Instead of yarn we used curly ribbon.

We added cellophane at the end to make it appear more realistic


Some accent beads for the string and it’s all done. Simple,fast, and fun!

Insha Allah, we are on our way to more spring fun!


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  1. This is just too cute!

  2. Assalamu ‘alaykum ukhti,

    Masha’Allaah the binoculars look great, hope you have fun on your outing. We still haven’t made our masjids 😦 but have not been forgotten, waiting on the desktop 🙂

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