Home Made Tea Set

Tea Time anyone?

Here is where we took crafting and tea to a whole new level! I always try finding new and more creative ways to use our recycled things that we have saved.

I found the perfect opportunity a few weeks ago when my lil Missy asked me if we could have a tea party. She didn’t have a tea set to even have a tea party. My wheels started turning in my head and BAM! It just came to me.

I remembered how my great Gramms use to drink tea from mason jars Way back when. I saw her drink hot and cold tea from her mason jar. I remembered as a child how I thought her cup was the neatest of cups I had seen. I really didn’t know it was just a canning jar at the time. My fondest memories as a child come from spending time with that special woman. It was always the simple things in life that we always seem to hold on to more than anything.

I wanted to have my lil Missy remember her tea party forever. I went and looked in the recycled craft box and pulled out some perfect lil tea cups and it didn’t stop there. I found the perfect tea pot and flower vase! We even made recycled flowers to go in the vase!

This continues on with our lesson on Loving Allah and appreciating what he has given us by taking care of it and preserving it best we can. I so love to teach them such simple ways because it has a Huge impact on them.

I am going to share with you how we made and show you before and after pics as well as different colored backgrounds so you can see the detail the kiddos used for their cups.

We used puffy paint which is non toxic and safe to use for lil ones. We also had some stencils which the kids used and some were free hand as well. I really think they turned out nicely and what a wonderful first tea set my lil missy had.

The boys told me what they wanted on their cups so I just drew it with a sharpie and let them color it in with the puffy paint. Yes, I let the boys join us too!

This is the entire tea set finished


 We used baby food jars for the tea cups. Perfect for little hands to hold!

Smuckers topping jar for the tea pot

A Smaller smuckers toppings jar for the flower vase!

Another of the tea pot

Flower vase again.

My 3 yr old chose ants for his cup, One of the big girls helped him.

This one has caterpillars on it with a whole lot of greenery!

Fireflies on this one.

Yellow and White flowers

colorful butterfly

A butterfly on a flower

hearts and tulip on this cup.

Butterflies were the choice by a few kids,masha Allah.

Lady bug tea cup.

This tea set actuallytook the entire day to complete! I mean I hadn’t planned on it taking so long,but the kids were just enjoying themselves so much. We let the tea set dry over night and planned the rest of it for the next day.

This is the finished tea set with all the cups for each kid and a few extras for visitors.

The tea set with the flower vase

We finished it off by making recycled flowers out of egg cartons. Below I will show you how we made our flowers.

Take the bottom of an egg carton

Cut off as many section as you will want flowers.

Now cut out section of the top part into a “V” shape as you see in the image below

Curl the parts down a bit and punch a hole in the middle to add a pipe cleaner of somethng sturdy for a stem. In our case we used popsicle or craft sticks. Paint and you have your flowers for your vase!


They were quite simple to make and such a beautiful touch to our little home made tea set.

The day we had our tea party, I had the kids all get dressed up nicely and my husband even decided to join in on the fun.

My Lil Missy had such light in her eyes! She glowed like I had never seen her before. The smile was one I will never forget. She had such a gret responsibility having a tea party. She served everyone their tea (Iced tea, hot day) and strawberries and cream. She served crackers and cheese as well.

The politeness that she had when serving, it was so rewarding to hear her actually speak what I have worked so hard teaching her,masha Allah.

The day turned out so lovely and worth the time and effort we all put into it in making a successful and fun tea party for not only my lil missy, but us all. The family time we shared was priceless!

My now 5 yr old son walked up to his sister after it was all done and over and said “Missy, you had the most beautiful tea party” My hear melted to hear that! They are so thoughtful to one another. My babies are growing so nicely, Alhamdulilah!

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  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    Awesome as usual! Alhamdulillah. Your children are so fortunate ma sha Allah to have such a creative and loving Umm!

  2. As Salaamu Alaiki Wa Rahmatuallahi Barakatu
    Alhumdulilah, it always a pleasure to hear from you.My sweet cupcake you remind me of me and mines when they were younger,mashallah…You are so creative and talented,mashallah….Inshallah one day we can really enjoy tea time together…
    Love ya much for the pleasure of ALLAH

  3. Assalamu Alaikum Sis,

    This is just too cute and mashaAllah, what a lovely little family Allah (Swt) has blessed you with. MashaAllah tabarakAllah!

    I love this so much. If I lived in the US, I would want an invite! lol

    Quick question…what did you use? Glass paints?

    Umm Raiyaan x

  4. Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah these are just beautiful, I’m going to have to steal you idea!!!

  5. This to is great ma sha Allah. Such a good idea that I would never have thought of. Wal hamdulilalh Great Stuff!! ma sha ALlah

  6. Wa Alaykumus Salaam,
    My Dear sis Umm Raiyaan! I am happy you liked our tea set. The kind of paint we used was just regular puffy paint i think like the fabric paint. Nothing fancy, we usually use what we have on hand instead of making a big ordeal of things and going out to stores buying specifics!
    If ever in the US let us know and we will be sure to send you an invite for sure,insha Allah!

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