Crayon Craft


I am always out on the look for new ways to use crayons! We use them so much in just about every craft we do! They are easy to use and easy to replace!

I came across this site: How Toons

They have so many neat scientific crafts, that I just had to jump on it.

My Lil missy had this white zip up hooded sweatshirt that had so many pen marks on it and I didn’t want to trash it so I thought it would be a good way to reuse it as a part of our recycling crafts~

Here are the pics after we finished coloring it!





My Lil missy loves rainbows, so she just had to surround her lil muslimah with a beautiful rainbow!

Both side of the hood!

Try this craft! Blog about it! You will see crayons in a whole new perspective!

Crayola has these new things called slick stix, and they are so easy to slide across fabric. Those are what I let the little boys use since the whole sweatshirt was labor intensive! LOL

This isn’t a permanent application but it does last for a little while,insha Allah.


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  1. Asalam Alaykum mashAllah I just love your site ukti. My son is getting bigger now he is 3 and I am starting to get crafty with him mashAllah. Thanks for the ideas and love your site as always 🙂

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