Raising Butterflies!



Today we finally received our Painted Lady Butterfly caterpillars in the Mail!


The kids were so excited! This is an extension of our Lessons on teaching the kids about Allah’s creation. This is also a double lesson for science and watching the stages of the caterpillar pupate into a painted lady butterfly!

My 3 & 5 yr old sons absolutely love bugs & insects! They really do, I was so happy to even see how excited my 6 yr old daughter was to have caterpillars!

 We ordered our caterpillars from Live Butterfly Garden which actually has a great deal right now. You can get 10 caterpillars for the price of 5! Their main site is Insect Lore which has so many different kits you can buy! I had no idea we could do this, but now that I have found this site I plan on buying ladybugs next for the kiddos insha Allah. What a great way to teach about Allah’s creation and how to appreciate it!

I also love the fact that we have hands on science and the kids  can learn the different stages of butterflies first hand!

We will keep you posted on the different stages insha Allah.

Bulletin Board in motion too! *smile*

Stay Tuned, insha Allah……………….


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  1. Ma sha allah.. This is a great idea ukhti. I’m lookin forward to more on this.. barakAllahu feeki ameen

  2. Naam, looking forward to seeing your progress. As you know, our boys were able to catch caterpillars in our yard and so we go to see their development into butterflies as well, two separate times. That was so neat for me as well, as I didn’t do stuff like that when I was a kid.

    Great for hands on science!

  3. MashaAllah sister!!!it’s great! Looking forward to seeing your progress inshaAllah! Please keep us updated and let us know the way you are planning this science activity and even the references you will use to extend your lessons inshaAllah!! jazakillah kheir
    May Allah reward you ameen
    c.amatullah um zakariya

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