Raising Butterflies Day 3-5


Allahu Akbar! We have watched the baby caterpillars grow so fast from just little tiny itty bitties to now a whopping 1 1/2 inches!  They are huge compared to what we saw the first day!

Here are a few pics of our babies!

Day 3

Day 4

Jar 1

Jar 2

The caterpillars at this point have made webs all over their habitat now. Kids call them “web beds” lol

Day 5

They are Huge conpared to the little ones we started out with. The kids wake up to watch them and make du’a that they are healthy and grow up to be “good caterpillar kids”,lol masha Allah.

A whopping 1 1/2 inches now!

I wanted to share with you all a minibook I made for the kids to keep track of their butterflies changes and the days it will take for their butterflies to form, insha Allah.

Butterfly Journal

Stay tuned…..Chrysalis soon insha Allah!


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  1. salaam alikum
    Ok I have to ask (I tried not to but subhanAllah, I need to lol)… what is in the bottom of the jars with the catepillars that they are crawling in? lol Is that their food or sand or mmm-hmmm…. just wondering because I want to do this with my son inshaAllah… oh is the site you ordered from in the USA or canada or UK? JAK

  2. Salaam alaikum,
    I just thought of something – if you want to add some language arts in there, you could read “The Very Hungry Catapillar” by eric carle. You could borrow it from the library if you dont have it. Also, I saw on one other site that a mom made the catipillar in the book into a cake (cupcakes with green icning for the body, the head was a small cake with red icing and the legs and antenna were black licorice and the eyes were green icing :)So home ec and LA:) ma salaam

  3. Wa Alaykumus Salaam Wa Rahmatuallahi, LOL sis you are so silly! The stuff at the bottom of the jars is simply the food supply they will need for the duration of their caterpillar stage. The site we bought them at provides you with all you need to raise them! The site we purchased ours is in California, USA but here is the link for Europe: http://www.insectlore-europe.com/ if that’s in your neck of the woods *smile*

  4. Wa Alaykumus Salaam, Na’am sis we have the book and my boys love it so much! I did plan on making the cupcake caterpillar for the kids too, actually tonight since our caterpillars have all entered the chrysalis state. Thanks for suggestions! *smile*

  5. walaikum salaam
    actually i am in canada so cali is a little closer to here than europe alhamdullillah but jazakAllah khair.. do you know if there is one here inshaAllah? How did the cake turn out? take care habibti, salams to your family

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