Raising Butterflies Days 6-7

Subhan Allah! 7 days later and our caterpillars have now entered into the chrysalis state!

Here are a few pics of the two days!

Day 6

This is the first jar, as you can see the caterpillars are huge!

The second jar, the caterpillars are a bit smaller but still pretty neat! masha Allah!

Day 7  Chrysalis Stage!

Allahu Akbar! Look at that! This is such a neat way to teach the kids how Allah has created everything and is the planner of all planners!

All day each caterpillar made it’s way to the top and explored where they were going to hang!  As you can see in the picture some are a full chrysalis and others have actually just started the chrysalis process!

This is one jar up close to show you the actual caterpillars that just went in to the chrysalis stage. Allahu Akbar!!

To the right of the jar is an actual chrysalis! Look at that transformation! While some had already underwent the chrysalis tranformation others were at the top bugging them and it was so neat to see them go into their defense mode and thea actual chrysalis was shaking to I guess scare off a potential predator. This was so neat for the kids to experience.

They have been tracking the whole transformation with their journals! They love them too!

Next post about the the butterflies will be when we actually have butterflies insha Allah.

Stay tuned…..Insha Allah

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