Cupcake Caterpillar

Since our caterpillars have just left the caterpillar stage and moved on to the chrysalis state, we ended our caterpillar study with a special snack!

We made a cupcake caterpillar! The kids have been reading books about caterpillars and butterflies and how to care for them. I thought this was so neat to make a special snack out of it!

We had finished reading the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which is an all time fave!


We just made cupcakes and colored white frosting with food coloring and added some red licorice for the legs ( i know we have more legs on the caterpillar than one actually has, but I had to add a licorice for each kid)

We added yellow licorice for the antennae and sprinkles to add a nice touch of fun!

Of course the girls had to add a flower to put a touch of “girliness” in it!

Cupcake body a bit more up close

Caterpillar head

This was a nice fun way to finish off our lesson on caterpillars! Kids sure chomped their fave caterpillar down!

If you are also teaching your children about caterpillars and their change I recommend reading the book by Eric Carle it is so cute!

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