Firefly Explorer Containers


Summer is here! Masha Allah! The weather has been quite humid and HOT! Subhan Allah!

We have still found ways to enjoy ourselves crafting and exploring. We have learned about so many insects during our Spring insect Lessons including the firefly or more known to others as the “lightning bug”

While playing outside the kids discovered the lightning bugs and grew extremely curious of them.


We made firefly explorer containers! I wanted to make sure kiddy hands didn’t hurt some of Allah’s fragile creatures so I decided to help them make Explorer containers. This way they are able to study and observe the lightning bugs and not harm them.

Our containers:


I will say as you can see that 2 are round and the other is square. I always like to try other ways to make our crafts to make it easier for the next person who decides to make these and don’t have the necessary material the crafts asks for. Thinking out of the box so to speak!

First one made out of a 1/2 gallon milk container cut in half!

The bottom will actually end up being the top of the container. I cut a small section at the edge to fold back with a utility knife.

Used the utility knife to make windows on all four sides of the carton.

Next you take some plastic protector sheets and tape them on the outside of each window. You don’t have to worry about neatness as this will later be covered.

The top of the box where it opens up.

The finished box up close.

We used felt to cover all the carton parts. Using tacky glue or fabric glue, you can even use a line of hot glue.

I did cut a small square of cardboard for the bottom of the box and hot glued it. I also took some velcro and added it to a small piece of felt and places it on the top flap to hold the top closed.

We used puffy fabric glue to paint fireflies on the outside of the box.

We also added a chenille pipe cleaner for the handle.

These two explorer containers are made from cozy shack rice pudding containers!

I just used a utility knife and cut windows around it, then cut plastic protector sheet to size and taped the windows. Cover with felt the same way we did the milk carton. I liked these explorer containers especiallay because the lids come off so easliy to add or free the lightning bugs.


We have already put our explorer containers to use!

Here you can see some of the lil guys walking around the explorer box.

The kids had so much fun capturing, obseving and freeing the lightning bugs. They even remembered that Allah created lightning bugs, masha Allah. The baby even got a little involved, I think he may be like his big brothers and be an insect fanatic! lol

Here is where I found this idea: Highlights Kids

Start your summer crafts yet?


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  1. Asalaam ‘Alaikum:

    What a wonderful idea – I just wish we had fireflies in our area – I grew up with them in New Jersey but they can’t be found in Colorado.

    Enjoy it, masha’Allah!

    Asalaam ‘Alaikum,
    Sumayyah Umm SAA

  2. This looks like a nice idea, my son caught one the other day and I wasn’t too sure it was OK when he let it go. I can see how this is a lot of fun.
    ukhti i sent you an email about homeschooling a while back, did you get it?

  3. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! MashaAllah.

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