Raising Ladybugs!


Okay now we can officially call my house insectropolis! Haha! We finally received our ladybug land and ladybug larvae. Masha Allah.

Once again the kids are super excited and can’t wait to hold the little critters!

Here is what it looks like if you haven’t see it before:

The whole land with the clear plastic dome covering for full viewing!

The land a little bit closer. It looks like a plastic garden of fun for the little ladybug larvae to temporarily enjoy!

Here is the top of the domed habitat. What you see is a magnified view in the little circle. This helps for our little observers to see the little critters a bit easier! The magnifyer is actually the cap that comes off and you gently drop your ladybug larvae through there then recap.

This is a picture inside the little cap, as you can see there are 3 little spots in the habitat. That’s 3 of our lady’s! The darker part where you see the 2 spots is where they drink water from a built in sponge, You add water as needed for the lady’s. So far, we have seen 6 live larvae in our kit, could there be more hiding? *smile*


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  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Oh! I love that! So cute masha’Allah.

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