Raising Ladybugs…Larva Stage!

We have met our lady’s and the kids are really enjoying their time learning all about the little garden critters,masha Allah.

I have continued to reinforce Allah has created insects,masha Allah.

I tried getting some good clear pics of these little guys, but they are Little! Masha Allah. Here is one going for the water, it is the largest in out habitat so far!

Here is one that seemed to lurk at the edges so I was able to use one of the kids magnifiers and take a nice up close image to show you the detail of this big guy! How amazing, Alhamdulilah!

Here is another, I must say the magnifying glass sure makes it look much larger than it is. they are about the size of my lil ones fingernail,masha Allah.

These guys took no time to learn their new habitat and get familiar. They are so active and everywhere! The kids were able to really see these guys in action, masha Allah.

I made the kids up some observation books to keep track and draw their interpretation of what they see in the ladybug land habitat.

Here is the file if you would like to use it: Ladybug Observation Book

Here is one of my kids interpretation of what they observed :

The cover to the book

The larva stage of the ladybug. I always love to see what imaginations they have & how they see things. My child sure hit the nail on the head with his drawing. He even thought to draw some greenery as he saw it in the habitat,masha Allah.


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  1. Cool. I have only seen ladybugs in the adult stage.

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