Raising Ladybugs…Pupa Stage


We have had our lady’s for 5 days now and already they have gone into the pupa stage of their lives. Masha Allah.

Here is one guy attached to the dome of the ladybug land habitat.

This guy set itself up in a nice location where we can see all that happens in this stage. They just curled up a bit then in a matter of hours this hard shell like covering was surrounding the ladybug. Truly amazing, Subhan Allah!

Okay, this is another one that attached itself to the dome of the habitat. I will say this, after a couple hours we looked back at the habitat and saw this one change from the brownish color the others ones were to this pale almost transparent yellow color. It was really so neat, it also started wiggling a bit.

I know it don’t seem like much to watch and learn about the ladybug, but we have seen and learned more than we actually did before.

 I will say go  and head to toys r us or your local learning store or even Insect Lore Site and order or buy your kit today! Your kids will love it, insha Allah.

Here is the next picture of what one of my kids drew in their observation book:

The colored larva page of the book

My 6 yr olds interpretation of what she observed in her ladybug land habitat, pupa stage. She wanted to start over as she thought to draw the dome later on, but she was happy with what she did,masha Allah.



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  1. mashaallah very nice

  2. […] tank! I have no idea about the ladybird life cycle but after reading this wonderful project about Raising Lady Bugs on Umm Abdul Basir’s blog I think it’s something we would love to try in the future […]

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