Arabic Bingo

arabic bingo

We used Yemen Links for this game. She is another sister who has many great freebies. May Allah Reward her for all her work and offering so much to us fisibillah, Ameen!

We printed the cards out,the calling board and calling pieces. posted them on cardboard, and that was it. Fast and simple, just the way I like.  *smile*

arabic bingo2

Another game for the kids, Simple and self explanatory. Keeping them busy with something useful is great. Bingo offeres immediate rewards!!

arabic bingo3

Bingo up close

arabic bingo4

Bingo rewards!

We offer candy for winning a quick game of bingo! My children don’t eat it often so they love this. I am sure you can come up with something else that you think your children would enjoy.

I didn’t have anything to add to this game as bingo is self explanatory and simple. Nothing was needed other than pieces to place over top the card, we are still brainstorming this….to be continued…..


Arabic Alphabet Game

That time of year is comig again…The approach of Ramadan! Insha Allah

I have been scrambling with ideas and slowly finishing them. I would like to have been able to move faster at getting them done, but with the new baby….he demands all of my attention *smile*

My idea is to get as much done as I possibly can so the kids have things to do other than crafts.

We have been working on Arabic lessons for the younger kids as well as the older, so I have made a board game with the helps of  Umm An-Nu’man Freebies She has created an arabic board game. Of course we had to add our own touch to it *smile*

arabic game board older

 This is the game for the older kids. We simply used an opened file folder. Colored it in with orange paint. and embelished it with arabic letters and a picture. Glued the gameboard pieces on  and there you go!

arabic game board older2

The Game spinner,Key list, and game pieces.

arabic game board older4

The start of the game

arabic game board older5

Bottom part of the game board

We used the game pieces from the set as well as the board, cut them out and placed them randomly through out the game. How we have set up for play is when you land on the letter you must say that letter and the lead of the game will then have the player make the sound of that letter with a kasrah,damma ect on it.

When a picture tile is landed on, the player must then go to the key and read that word.

Insha Allah this will help them brush up on the arabic for those who are learning to read it and teach the ones who are still trying.

So my 5 yr old came up to me after we had finished making this gameboard and said to me “Ummie, the big people are going to be playing the game while the little kids are bored”

Now you know what that meant…….Right! We made a second one for the “little kids”

arabic game board young2

Game for the little kids

Smaller and a different spinner

arabic game board tiles young

Game tiles for the little kids game

Now if you go to the site above for the arabic game the instructions are on the file.

How this is played is, once a player lands on a letter they then go to the tiles and find the picture with the same letter and name that letter.

We used a piece of crayola color explosion paper, and a piece of card board. Glued the gameboard pieces on randomly and it was done!

The game didn’t come with and game pieces, so of course we just had to make our own.

arabic game pieces

Arabic game pieces

arabic game pieces2

Arabic game piece close up

arabic game pieces3

Arabic game piece  taken apart

We all enjoyed putting this game together and I THANK my Sister in Islam for offering so much to us for free on her site. May Allah Reward Her and Her Family with Much Good, Ameen!!

Here are the pieces if you would like to use them

Arabic Letter Game Pieces

Hijri Calendar

               Good to be back!  Baby boy is now 7 weeks and we are getting back into the swing of things, masha Allah!!

    The older girls have been working on their Arabic and we thought it to be the time to finish the Hijri Calendar. Originally we were going to use the Tranliteration for the Calendar,but I thought how can they learn to read the Arabic words if they don’t practice. So I found a nice little set from this sister who offers so many nice freebies!!! We all love freebies masha Allah.

First off, Here is her link so I don’t forget Umm An-Nu’man Freebies If you scroll down to the bottom you will see her calendar sets. browse the whole page, there is so much to benefit from masha Allah!

We used her calendar set,but just resized it to fit the calendar we used.

 hijri calendar in the making

 Here is what the calendar started out looking like. Just a plain calendar we bought from one of those school supply stores.


 Here is the completed calendar, which I must say turned out to be more timely than we expected, but the girls just kept coming up with ideas on how to embelish this calendar. They didn’t want it to be so “plain”


 The calendar a bit more close to see a little more detail. The number tiles we just colored in with marker. Printed on cardstock and put velcro on the back to make it easier to change up each month. Right now the Calendar is set for the Month of Rajab and the number tiles are out of place as they were set for the previous month I believe so never mind their placings…lol. We are still trying to get the hang of things insha Allah.


      Again, the number tiles a bit more closely.


   Here, you can see the number tiles up more closely, but the focus was to show you the days of the week tiles.


To finish it off , here is the topper of the calendar. The girls wanted it to resemble somewhat the top of a Masjid. They added the dome and two minarets…If I am not mistaken….teehee….

Here you can also see the Hijri month on top as well as the year. The scalloped border wraps around the entire calendar. We just used a scalloped bulletin border we no longer used and they painted it with a metallic paint. They also painted the dome and the minarets to finalize the look.

Yes time consuming, but it turned out nice, masha Allah.


Arabic Alphabet Poster

Handmade poster of Arabic Poster


So we have entered that part in our Islamic Studies where we are learning about the Arabic Alphabet.

My older girls take classes on .

The sister Umm Umar Khadeejah teaches classes from:

They are very helpful and the sister is thorough and extremely patient. May Allah Reward both sisters for all they have done to help us in teaching our children, Ameen!

For reinforcement and teaching my young ones, We have made a large poster. My 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter really love this poster we made. I must say my 2 year old likes pointing at the letters and then have us tell him the letter then he tries to repeat us, it’s so cute masha Allah.

Okay, how this poster is made is very simple. I just took a cardboard box, again you can use art paper or whatever you prefer. I just chose this for sturdiness because it will be moved around and the kids touch it so much. Poster board may do the job too.

What I did is section the box in half to get the flaps of the box out. I then taped those two sections together and this gave me my large poster like backing to work with. I took white paper and covered it so it wouldn’t look so much like a brown box.

Now for the alphabet itself…..hmmm I had some cutouts of the alphabet saved on my computer from a sisters site that no longer exists (umm Fatimah) .  I had my kids color them, cut them out and then I placed them on cardboard and cut them out again. ( there’s a reason for so much work…*smile*)

I wanted to make this another hands on project so I placed some velcro on the back of each letter so we can move them around once the kids learned them in order to just make sure they know the letters. I also plan on adding fathah,dammah,and kasrah to the letters later on insha Allah.

Here are the color cutout letters I used:

**Note**  You will need Microsoft Word to view these.

Alif file: alif1

Baa file:baa1

Taa file: taa[1]

Thaa file: thaa1

Jeem file: jeem

Ha file: ha

Kha file: kha1

Daal file: daal1

Dhal file: dhaal1

Ra file: raa1

Za file: zaa1

Seen file: seen1

Sheen file: sheen11

Sawd file: saad1

Dawd file: daad11

Tau file: tau

Thau file: thau

Ayn file: ayn1

Ghayn file: ghayn1

Fa file: faa11

Qaf file: qaaf1

Kaf file: kaaf1

Laam file: laam1

Meem file: meem1

Noon file: noon1

Heh file: heh

Waw file: waaw11

Ya file: yaa1

Again you don’t have to use the files I have posted. You can use what you like. I chose these because it made it easy to involve all my children once again. Making handmade learning tools is really fun for them and helps them learn much faster masha Allah. I have just shared with you what I used in this post. Feel free to tweak it or even share back. I love to hear new ideas!

This is yet the beginning of our learning adventure into Arabic. May Allah make it Easy on us all, Ameen.