Hajj Lapbook…Updated!

Late posting as usual, masha Allah. I am happy to see so many of you benefit from the lapbook files I posted during Dhul Hijjah, Alhamdulilah!

I finally found a little ( and I mean little) time to post the pics I have of our Tot book. Unfortuately, I was unable to do a lapbook with the older girls, but insha Allah next year and I also hope to have been able to make some new minibooks for it, insha Allah.

This is the main layout of the tot book, as you can see only five items in this lapbook.

This is our Hajj counting pocket

The Hajj Counting cards. Counts numbers 1-10

1  kaba
2  hillocks
stoning pillars
4 animals for dhabh
5 buses to makkah
6 umbrellas for wuquf
7 times around the kaba
8 sleeping bags for muzdalifah
9 muslims in ihram
10 tents in mina

 The file for the Hajj counting: hajj counting

The Dhul Hijjah spelling tabs. You can have your child either use a pencil and trace the letters that spell “Dhul Hijjah” or you can have them just trace with their finger.
Here is the file for the Dhul Hijjah spelling tabs:Dhul Hijjah Spelling Tabs
Animals for Dhabh pocket

The animals for Dhabh cards. Match the picture cards to their shadows.

I look foward to seeing your Hajj lapbooks insha Allah.

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Hajj Lapbook

Subhan Allah! Busy days and Dhul Hijjah around the corner insha Allah. I have not really covered Dhul Hijjah before with the kids other than basics. This year I really wanted to go further into detail.

I have started a tot book (smaller form of lapbook) for the little ones here and plan on making a lapbook with the older children. One problem…….I ran out of colored ink!!!

Right in the middle of printing! I have some goodies to offer, but I will wait a couple more days no later than Friday to post the tot book, its really simple masha Allah so it does not take a long time to make. This was a sort of last minute plan to make one since my house is full of activity every single day allowing me little creative time to myself masha Allah.

If for some reason I am not able to finish the lapbook on time, I will then just post the files here for you all to at least benefit from. I usually like giving a visual for you all to see as an example, but it may not happen masha Allah.

We also started our Bulletin board which was coming along very nicely, but ink problems! I may see if I can change the files to black and white (which I really would not want but due to the lack of time I have free and I really love the color of the files)

Please my dear readers, make du’a that I can get it all finished to help teach my children and share with you insha Allah.

Stay tuned………

Okay, I decided to just add the files insha Allah for you all to use and make your own lapbooks. I will try getting pics posted as soon as I get ink! Insha Allah.

The cover of the first book:

One page of mini book:

file: ABC’s OF HAJJ minibook BOOK

Cover for second minibook:

inside one page of minibook:

file for this mini book: COLORS OF HAJJ BOOK

A animal matching game where you match the shadow to the animal.

File for animals for dhabh: Animals for Dhabh matching Game

Haj Day By Day mini books: hajjdaybydaylapbook

Hajj Day by Day mini books Write text in _______________: hajjdaybydaylapbookfillinblanks

File for Hajj puzzles: TWOPIECEHAJJPUZZLES

For more Hajj activities go over to A Muslim Child is Born Blog there are a few things you can do over there insha Allah

Ramadan Lapbook 1430

Ramadan Lapbook10


The last days of Ramadan are here and our last craft for Ramadan will be our Lapbook.

I said I wasn’t going to do one this Ramadan since I have the new baby and lapbooks can be time consuming,but when Umm Ibrahim asked all of us ummies out there if anyone would be doing a lapbook…I thought….if I find some extra time I will put something together for the little ones,insha Allah.

Guess what? I found the time,Alhamdulilah!

This lapbook is a much smaller version of the traditional lapbooks. I found a site where a woman makes what she calls “tot books” which are just a smaller version of a lapbook.  If you are interested in visiting her site to get ideas it is here: Tot Books

The cover of our lapbook is simple, we just pasted a picture of a Masjid on front that I had lil missy color Here is where I found the picture of the Masjid: Masjid Coloring Page I also used a simple color in font here is the file for that here: Ramadan1430 The Font is so fun, the name of it is Cheri liney font which you can find for free here: Cheri Liney Font


ramadan lapbook11 

The entire layout of the lapbook. This one is so simple. You just take one file folder and cut it down just a little bit and fold the two side to the middle as you would a normal sized lapbook, like I said it’s just a miniature sized lapbook really.

 Ramadan Lapbook12

This is really my favorite part of the lapbook. The Date bowl pocket holding date shaped cards.

Ramadan Lapbook13

The cards have lines to write a hadith about dates and there is a bonus card of a lil Muslim boy eating dates coloring.

The idea of this lapbook was more so for all the younger children I have and teaching about some of the more simple aspects of Ramadan, such as breaking fast with dates. Here is the file for the date bowl here: Dates Bowl

The older girls have done their crafts at the beginning of the month and have focused more on studies I have put together for them so I thought I would treat the little ones to the lapbook, and how much fun they had! Alhamdulilah for allowing me to find the time to finish off our crafts with this Lapbook. My 2,4 and 5 yr old all love it, perhaps we should have made more than one? *smile*

Ramadan Lapbook15 

The R-A-M-A-D-A-N pull out tab, teaches the little ones to spell Ramadan, insha Allah.

Here is the file for the Ramadan Spelling: Ramadan spelling tabs


Ramadan Lapbook5

Mini Book on Zakaat Ul-Fitr

Ramadan Lapbook6

Inside page of the mini book. Has Tracers to help with spelling and writing,insha Allah.

Ramadan Lapbook7

Another page of the Zakaat Ul-Fitr mini book. I talked to them about what we give for Zakaat Ul-Fitr and when it is to be given, masha Allah they understood well. Here is the file for the minibook: Zakaat mini book

Ramadan Lapbook20

Here is the math of the Lapbook, it’s never too early! I showed them how to measure a saa’ and made cards of hands cupped together to show them  how it is to be measured.

Ramadan Lapbook21

This can be a addition or multiplication activity. I asked my little ones to count the cards if one person gave zakaat ul-fitr then two and so on so forth. They liked it! Masha Allah.

Here is the file for this here: Zakaat Math

Ramadan Lapbook17

Here is the moon phases section of the lapbook.

Ramadan Lapbook19

The moon phase cards

Ramadan Lapbook18

Moon phase cards again, I showed them the different phases of the moon on the computer. We talked a bit about what it looks like and what moon we seek for the coming of Ramadan. They are such smart little sponges,masha Allah. I had the older two put the cards in order from the first phase to the last, so of course I had to have two sets of cards one for them and one for the little one ( my 2 yr old) I made his matching/concentration game. He seems to like those,masha Allah.

Here is where I found the flashcards: Glaskow Science Centre

Here is the pocket for the moon cards here: Moon Pocket

Ramadan Lapbook16

The “Perform Good Deeds” Mini Book

Ramadan Lapbook9

Inside of the mini book. Coloring pages with tracers. This one says ” Help Ummie with laundry”

Masha Allah

Ramadan Lapbook8

Another page of the mini book. It says ” Share with your sister”

Here is the file for the Good Deeds mini book: Good deeds Mini book

Ramadan Lapbook2

The last part of the lapbook which finishes off with the Eid Ul Fitr tri fold mini book.

Ramadan Lapbook4

Opened up. We found the Eid graphics on now my favorite site for Islamic Graphics. Here is the file for the Eid part of our lapbook: Eid greeting


I cannot say enough about how talented all the sisters are on the forum. Please visit them and take a look at their graphics. They work hard and share their graphics free of charge, Alhamdulilah. May Allah Reward them with Good,Ameen!

Insha Allah, I pray you all have a good Eid and that All of your fasts will be accepted as they were only for Allah. Ameen.

Enjoy the lapbook and feel free to use the files, they are here for you insha Allah.

Personal Care/Puberty Lapbook

        both lap cover


 Are your girls changing from little girls to young ladies like mine??? Have you wondered how it is you can teach them about puberty without actually feeling awkward or embarrassing them? I have and my girls have met that stage from being a little girl to a young lady now,masha Allah.

I found this really neat lapbook. Click here  for the link to get the files if you want to make one as well. Again this is a Christian website,but I modified the files and only used what was necessary for me to teach the girls. If you don’t want to buy the book that is used in teaching, you can always go to the library and borrow it or, you can just search on the net for the neccessary lessons.

I had both girls do their own lapbook, they are both very different and don’t have the same “style” lol. I took pictures of both to show you how different they look.

 Above  is both lapbook covers. One is Girly with pink and a  muslimah sillouhette and the other dark background with a shy muslimah. The pink girly one belongs to my 14 yr old and the other to my 12 yr old.


 This is the first lapbook. Very easy to reproduce. A little muslimah on the cover with butterfly embelishments. Little Muslimah is so modest trying to make sure nobody sees her. Masha Allah. She named her “Girls Growing


 This lapbook is a different kind than we normally do. It opens up into almost a poster like layout. We used two file folders just placing one above the other and taping them together. My daughter used black construction paper ( don’t ask me why she chose that color **sigh**) and placed her mini books where she chose.  The legs mini book is quite neat. Inside it gives you tips on shaving if you have to.


 Here is the rest of the lapbook completely layed out. You can see how it looks like its a poster with all the mini books layed out on it for quick reference.


 This is the middle a bit  more close. Some of the minibooks include “My Body” which shows the female reproductive system and they have to label certain female parts. Next, is the “What is Plaque” which is a  small match book style book . Nutrients pocket with vitamin,minerals,carbohydrates,protein cards.


Right side which has a “breasts” book that talks all about the difference and such.

food pyramid

 The food pyramid,it’s important to eat healthy!


Top right has “The Pits” mini book which talks about arm pits and caring for them. Below that book is a pad shaped mini book which talks about mense.


 I wanted to add a little Islamic perspective since I didn’t make this lapbook myself. So I added a “Ghusl” book which explains the steps of ghusl.


A yearly calendar for tracking mense days.


This is my oldest daughters, she got a bit creative and the cover of her cover she made it to look like a purse. she added the handle and some colored foil. The actual cover is just a silouhette of a muslimah embelished with butterflies.


 The inside cover is her mense calendar. This is to keep track of her cycle so she can learn her body.

Here are some simple calendars to print for this part 2009 calendar landscape , 2010 calendar landscape , 2009 calendar portrait , 2010 calendar portrait


The entire lapbook layed out.

puberty lap

 The middle half of the lapbook.


The middle of the lapbook with flap down. She found striped paper that she really liked and added it in there.


Middle up close. Mini books include “hands, which talks about different hand issues, mini book about legs as seen above.


Right side of book with a minibook about acne and it’s many names as well as a matchbook mini on smart snacks

puberty book

A minibook on Puberty, these book are through out the lapbook lesson on puberty.They cover different subjects. I really like these because they give the growing young lady the opportunity to ask you a question about that subject.

how to brush

A pocket on how to brush

steps how to brush

 These are the cards that go into the pocket.


An interesting minibook about hair! Ewwww….lol


The Ghusl minibook. A bit different than the one above. Here is the file for the minibook:  Ghusl

I also made a file on ways to worship Allah other than prayer since it’s females cannot pray while on their mense Here is that file: Ways of Worship

My girls once again enjoyed doing this lapbook like the others. This one covered so much and focussed greatly on hygiene which was a big help since sometimes they can slack.

I look forward to posting more of our works, it’s just finding the time *sigh*


Baby Lapbook

baby cover 

So, The new baby is due and I am still pregnant, Masha Allah.  

We have been working on a “new baby” lapbook to familiarize the little kids with the whole idea of another sibling. My 4 and 5 yr old are at an age where they can understand a bit more than they did 2 yrs ago when I had my last son, so I thought it to be a good idea to include them in some memory type craft to give the new baby when it grows up a bit,insha Allah.

Here is the link where I found the files for this lapbook: Lapbook Lessons

Please understand that this is a Christian website for lapbooking, but I only used what applied to my family and created my own files to incorporate our Islamic teaching. I think you may have to sign in to become a member, but it is free and the resources are great for teaching.

The cover was simple, we used foam board for the baby blocks and had my 5 yr old color a couple baby items to add below the blocks.

To make the entire lapbook we used 3 file folders.

baby lapbook

Here is our first section of the inside of the lapbook.

baby lapbook2

The second part of the inside of our Lapbook. This part has mainly pockets with cards in them.

proof quran

This is our proof from the Quran.

proof quran2

This is the inside of the book. Questions and answers that are simple. I had my 5 yr old fill it out, masha Allah

Here is the file if you would like to use it: Proof from Quran book

measure baby

measure baby2

Measure baby mini book. Inside it has a page for your lil one to fill in their information as well as the new baby’s information when he/she is born.

walk wheel

Here is the learning to walk wheel. It shows the stages of learning how to walk. (crawl,sit,stand,walk)

ready for baby cards

These are really cute cards. They tell you what things the baby will need. What I liked about these is that they had the word printed in dotted form for the child to trace. My 5 yr old is still learning how to write so this was good practice.

ultrasound imag pocket

 This is a little diaper pocket that was originally meant for relatives, but  we used it for the ultrasound pictures we had instead. We marked the pictures of how old the baby was in utero and the body part showing. The ultrasound tech was nice enough to take images of body parts and print them for us, masha Allah.

growing family album

Here is the growing family album which both my 4 yr old and 5 yr old were able to draw their own version of what are family looks like now and what it will look like when their new sibling arrives insha Allah. Really cute!

baby needs

I really liked this pocket and cards set. My 5 yr old was able to draw the pictures herself and was ever so proud too!

baby count

These are nice as well. They are the baby counting cards. Everything baby that counts the numbers 1-10.

baby letter


The letter to the baby! How sweet is this, I had both my 4 yr old and 5 yr old write one for the baby. Masha Allah.

baby look like

 Here is a little  book that My little ones will eventually fill out after the baby arrives insha Allah.

family games

Here is where we got a little creative on our own and added a little Islam to it, Masha Allah. This is the back of the lapbook where we have two pockets in which hold two activities we made.

family puzzle

Here is the puzzle we made. This wasn’t easy to come by, but what I did is find an image and edited to the best of my ability.

family puzzle pieces

Here is the puzzle file if you would like to use it: Muslim Family Puzzle

This puzzle is a very rough file as you will see if you download it. I did the best I could with the time I had. To make it a little more detailed after I printed it on cardstock, I simply used a black shaprpie marker (sharpie because it don’t smear if you color the puzzle with markers) and traced the entire image. This gave us more crisp lines and made it easier to color in.

matching names

This is the matching phonics game I made for my little ones. Since they are at the reading stage, I thought it would be nice to make something interactive that involved them a little more. How the game works is simply place the picture card on the table and find the word that matches that picture. I also added the arabic transliteration to familiarize the kids with arabic terms. As they learn those insha Allah I intend on also added the Arabic text.

matching names2

This is a close up of the first part of the cards. I tried making the images as halal as possible as not using faces.

matching names3

Here are the second half of the matching cards.

Here is the file for the matching cards:Family Names

Insha Allah the new baby will be here soon for us all to meet. I hope you enjoyed our lapbook and found any part of it helpful when it comes to introducing a new sibling to your household as it did for us. My children are all eagerly anticipating the new arrival.

I will keep you all updated insha Allah.


Barakallahu Feek, Ameen.


♥♥ UPDATE ♥♥


ALHAMDULILAH! One day after I posted this lapbook and one day after my due date I delivered a healthy baby boy! The labor was quick and my recovery is going well. The children have been enjoying their new sibling and I have been enjoying the newness of motherhood yet once again. I am truly grateful and I can say the power of du’a has really proven itself yet again. ALLAHU AKBAR!

I would like to thank those sisters out there who have followed me through this pregnancy and dealt with my “pregnancy pains” with me. *smile* I also would like to Thank those of you who have continuously made du’a for myself and my family as it has helped more than you know. May Allah reward you all for your sisterhood and truly wanting for your sister what you want for yourselves. I Love You all for the sake of Allah!

Hijaab Lapbook

Niqaab style cover


Okay, I know it has taken me a long time to get this posted…it’s finally here! Masha Allah

Hijaab lapbook is finished and here it goes…….

Now, this part of the cover is to resemble a niqab, I’m not sure if you can see in the picture but there are ribbons holding the edges of the cover just as a niqab would.  My girls then added words that made them think of wearing hijaab or words that just popped in their heads that related them to hijaab. They looked in magazines and added them.

Second part of the cover

 Here is the second part of the cover, after you flip the niqab style page over this is what it reveals. This is actually suppose to appear to be the Closet doors or Armoire doors to opening the closet.

Lapbook opened up

   Here it is!  The mini books appear as clothing that makes up hijaab.

Close up of mid section inside lapbook

 This is the mid section close up of the lapbook to show you the mini books.

Niqab mini book opened up

  In this mini Book the girls first defined the word Niqab, then they placed a hadith on veiling inside.

If you would like this mini book file here it is: niqab-minibook

Gloves mini book

 This is the next mini book, Gloves. The girls also added another hadith on veiling hands and face in this book.

Gloves mini book opened

If you would like this file here it is: gloves-hijaab-lapbook

Khimar shaped mini book

This is the khimar shaped mini book. This mini book first has the definition for the cover, then the inside reveals the seven conditions of hijaab.

inside of khimar shaped mini book

If you would like this file here it is: khimar-minibook

Overhead Abaya shaped mini book

 The overhead abaya mini book reveals the definition on the front and proofs from the Quran on the muslimah covering.

overhead abaya shaped mini book opened

 If you would like this file here it is: overhead-abaya-minibook

Jilbab/abaya shaped mini book

The jilbab/abaya mini book has room for it’s definition on the cover. The inside leaves space for a lil muslimah write her own poem on hijaab.

jilbab/abaya shaped mini book opened

If you would like this file here it is: abaya-jilbab-minibook

measuring tape with pocket

This is the Lil Muslimah measuring tape and the pocket. She will be able to measure herself and record her measurements in the heart shaped mini book for future reference.

Just my size heart shaped mini book
just my size heart shaped mini book opened

If you would like this file here it is: lil-muslimah-measurement

Virtues of hijaab wheel

  Here is the wheel that contains the eight virtues of hijaab.

  If you would like this file here it is: virtues-of-hijaab-wheel

I must give credit where credit is due. I received this idea from the sister at Talibiddeenjr, masha Allah. She was kind enough to share with me a lapbook kit she has done and is actually selling on Lulu. It covers the Islamic manners of dressing.Take a look when you get a chance or even purchase it. Here is the link: www.lulu.com Product # 2698783 

I wasn’t able to post the entire link because it was cut off but if you go to lulu, just put the product # in the search and the lapbook kit will come up insha Allah.

Lil Muslimah paperdoll and pockets

 Last but not least, Do you remember paper dolls when you were a little girl? Well, I have created one for our lil Muslimah daughters! Alhamdulilah, she is cute and my girls absolutely adore her!

Here is the Lil Muslimah Paper doll! These are the pockets in which hold her, her clothes and her accessories.

We made four of them, one for each of my girls and of course one for me! *smile*

four Lil Muslimah paperdolls standing

 When I originally made these dolls, I made them plain. We later drew on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I also kept them bald to leave the rest to other muslimah’s who will be doing this project as well. They can do what they like with her when it comes to decorating her.

Close up of single Lil Muslimah paper doll
two of the four paper dolls dressed in hijaab



The other two paper dolls dressed in hijaab



Paper doll #1 by herself dressed in hijaab



Paper doll #2 by herself dressed in hijaab



Paper doll #3 by herself dressed in hijaab



Paper doll #4 by herself dressed in hijaab

If you would like the file to the Lil Muslimah Paper doll, here it is: muslimah-hijaab-lapbook-paperdoll

This was quite a fun project, masha Allah. I know it took me longer than I had anticipated to post. I hope it was worth the wait and if you choose to do this project enjoy it as much as we did. If you do happen to make a Hijaab lapbook, please do share!

Love You All for the Sake of Allah!

I also wanted to share with you the personal narratives that my girls did for www.thmsadaqagroup.org  which was my inspiration to make a hijaab lapbook.

My 14 yr old daughters paper: personal-narrative-1

My 12 yr old daughters paper: personal-narrative-2








Ramadan Lapbook



Ramadan Lapbook Cover


Ahhhh….so we did a lapbook on Ramadan around the time of Ramadan that I thought I would share with you.

This was a timely project and I actually had 4 of my 5 children participate in this one. Masha Allah.

I used a wonderful site from a sister who also shared.  Here is her site so you can also use her printouts if you like: http://raisingmuslims.wordpress.com/2008/08/12/ramadhan-lapbook-pics-printouts/

May Allah Reward this sister with much good in this life and the hereafter for sharing with us, Ameen!


The Command to Fast flip circle book

Okay, I actually found this printout on : http://tjramadan.talibiddeenjr.amanahwebs.com/

It was just a print out page and I just cut out each section into circles and added it on to colored contruction paper. You will also see that many of my Islamic printouts will come from www.talibideenjr.com as it is one of the most resourceful sites for Islamic/homeschool teaching out on the internet. May Allah reward the sister with good for all her good deeds in this life and the hereafter, Ameen!


This shows the fasting cycle as well what breaks the fast,and who are exempted from fasting, the fast of a travels and ways to travel

In this one, we actually drew our pictures out to make them more visible and more hands on for the kids. My older 2 girls actually did the “what breaks the fast”, and “who are exempted from fasting” as well as the fasting cycle. My 3 yr old son colored the ways of travel and fast of a traveler. Masha Allah.


The cover to Hijri calendar



We added the Months and meanings to this calendar



The Arabic number flaps open and show the Hijri month

My eldest 2 girls added to this one. We went a step ahead and just added the name of each Hijri month as well as it’s meaning.


Surah Al Qadr

This was a nice printout to help the children learn Surah Al Qadr masha Allah.


Vocabulary pocket with cards



Iftar at the Masjid Accordian Book closed



Iftar at the Masjid Accordian Book open


This one was a coloring page I found and had my 4 yr old daughter color ( she enjoyed being a part *smile*)

If you would like the coloring page here it is: iftar2masjid


Ramadan Quiz


We also added one more part to this lapbook to make it a little more hands on. We made a suhoor game from a site that a sister shared her printouts with us as well. I just modified the game a bit by making it bigger, and actually handmaking it but everything came from her site.

Here is her page:  Ramadan Planner Family

May Allah Reward this sister for sharing her wonderful teaching resources with much Good in this life and the hereafter, Ameen.

The name of the Game is Knowledge Quest. The game board I actually made out of 2 file folders and just colored it in. This was my craft of the lapbook (*smile*)

knowledge quest5

The entire board 

knowledge quest

 Start of the game up close

knowledge quest2

Middle of the game up close

knowledge quest3

Bottom of game up close

knowledge quest4

Finish of the game

knowledge quest6 

game pieces and game cards

The game cards are actually made out of construction paper, I must say cardstock would probably work better if this is going to be handled alot. I plan on eventually laminating mine. I just made a little pocket and just embelished the front with the name of the game and a couple designs. I then put the question on the back of the pocket and there is a different colored piece of paper in the pocket which you pull out and it reveals the answer.

game pieces knowledge quest

Game pieces approx. 3in

The game pieces we made out of Crayola modeling clay. They have many colors and the clay is actually very easy to work with and doesn’t crumble when it dries like other clays do. You can also color these clays which make it easy as well. We store the game pieces in a sandwich baggie and punched a little hole in it and tied it to the side binding of the lapbook.

To add it to the lapbook we just cut a half a file folder and added it to the back of the lapbook as a large pocket file which worked great and I must say it doesn’t make the lapbook to bulky either.

Enjoy this one!

 Overall this was such a nice project to do with the children especially with all the different ages I had to work with Alhamdulilah. We did this lapbook in about a week to a week and a half time. It helped the older girls from thinking about being hungry while fasting because they were enjoying themselves masha Allah. They all learned so much from this past Ramadan, Alhamdulilah.

Wudhu Lapbook

Wudhu Cover

My 4 year old daughter had shown interest in learning how to make wudhu properly. I thought what a great way to teach her by using a lapbook for her reference, masha Allah it worked!

First section of the lapbook is the Bismillah Puzzle which was great fun making but I’m sure much more fun for my daughter to color, masha Allah.

Bismillah Puzzle

Bismillah Puzzle pieced together

Bismillah Puzzle

Puzzle pieced apart to show size and shape of pieces


I simply created this by finding the right image I was happy with and editing it. I then found a puzzle template and made it transparent in psp and placed it over the image. Voile the puzzle was ready for print.

Here is the file for the Bismillah puzzle: Bismillah Puzzle File

My daughter colored it after I printed it out. I used regular copy paper although I am sure a heavy cardstock might be easier. After she colored it I then glued it on to half a file folder for stability ( I didn’t have cardstock at the time so I improvised, lol)

Cut the pieces and your puzzle is finished!

Here is the envelope we made freehand, no template although I am sure there are some out there. We just used a piece of construction paper and folded it half way to fit the section of the lapbook.

Bismillah Envelope

Bismillah Puzzle Envelope

Our Next section was the Wudhu Sequence Card Game. Again, this was a fun one and I think the more hands on the better for young children. My Daughter still plays with this!

Wudhu Sequence Card Game

Wudhu Sequence Card (Game Cards 1-4)

Wudhu Sequence Card Game

Wudhu Sequence Card Game (Cards 4-8)

I again found images I was pleased with online. I edited them and printed them on regular copy paper. This one is another good one to print on cardstock for stability since the lil ones will be handling them alot. I just glued them on a half a file folder again, lol. I couldn’t wait to go to the store and buy cardstock since I was so excited to get it finished for my lil one to play with.

If you would like to use this file here it is: wudhu-sequence-game file

We freehanded a pocket to hold the Cards. I know there are templates for folders, but I just wanted to be sure that mine was big enough to hold the cards.


Wudhu Sequence Game Pocket

Okay, now for a little comedy. Our next part of the lapbook was What Nullifies the wudhu, or in more simple terms “make wudhu after” section.

My pictures may seem a little graphic or even offensive in a way, but as I said earlier I believe children learn with more visual things. Please take no offense if you see it to be that way or if you look at it the way I do…Have a chuckle or two..Teehee!

Nullify wudhu flaps closed

Nullify Wudhu with flaps closed

Nullify wudhu with flaps open
If you would like the file for this one I first must say, mine are drawings in the picture, but I did make one from my computer that is similar. Here is the file: nullify-wudhu file
Now, we are at a part that most don’t teach until the children are older. I thought why not, young children have a larger capacity of learning than we realize. Tayammum or dry wudhu. What to make wudhu with if you have no water.

Tayammum- Dry Wudhu 2

 If you would like the file for this one Click here: tayammum- Dry Wudhu File

Now just for reinforcing the steps of wudhu and the proper order we made a flap book with the different steps of wudhu but a little more broken down and I captioned it to read to my daughter each time and have her show me that step.  Here is the file in which I used images from. This is a book made from another sister, but I only cut the images out and pasted them in a flap book as you can see in the picture. I am sure you can probably use the book if you would rather do so.


Wudhu order (flaps closed)


Wudhu Order (Flaps open)

For the file click here: steps-for-wudhu-file

The last part is the “After Wudhu we Pray” section. I used a coloring page I found and just printed it out, had my daughter color it and then I cut out each section of children praying.

Here is the file for the children praying: Children Praying coloring page file


After wudhu we pray

The rug the children are praying on I actually got off a wonderful homeschooling/Islamic website that I refer to all of the time when teaching my children. May Allah Reward That Sister with Much Good in this Life and the Hereafter. Ameen. 

Here is her site: http://www.talibiddeenjr.com/

I actually found the prayer rugs on her ramadan sister site but thought I would reference her direct site and you can navigate through it. She has many beneficial teaching tools. Masha Allah, but here is the file for the rugs: prayer-rugs file

This lapbook was so much fun for my daughter. She loves walking around showing her siblings and her father or even anyone who comes to visit. She is so proud of herself for putting it all together on her own. Having 4 other siblings can prove some difficulty in finding time alone with one parent so this really helped her feel special and she learned on top of it. Alhamdulilah!

Can’t wait to start our next lapbook insha Allah!