Eid Puzzles



The Ending of Ramadan has approached us and Eid Has arrived. This is such a bittersweet time isn’t it?

We have colmpleted everything we had  planned on making for our Eid Gifts for one another. Throughout the entire  Month of Ramadan we have written nice little notes to one another each day and placed it in our Big mailbox. We plan on opening it on the day of Eid, which insha Allah will be tomorrow. I have also made homemade puzzles,friendship bracelets,coloring pages and I have added some Islamic books and coloring books to our mailbox for all of the kids. One thing I particularly like are the puzzles  I have made. I committed myself to making them for the little kids to keep them pre-occupied when we have guests over or when we are at someone elses house visiting for the Eid, or even for the Eid prayer if they are restless while we are all greeting one another. I have made a few extras to give out to other sisters for their younger ones. We have also made some note holders out of popsicle sticks for a couple  people…*smile*


 16 pc puzzle, I only made one of these as it was challenging to complete them all.


Pieced apart


The box I put the puzzle in is a simple 1/4 lb candy box i bough at the local craft store

Here is the file for this puzzle: Masjid Puzzle 16 pcs


9 Piece Puzzle


9 piece puzzle up close

Here is the file for the 9 piece: A day at the masjid girl 9 piece Puzzle

                                                            A day at the masjid boy 9 piece puzzle


6 piece straight line puzzle for younger children

Here is the file: day at the masjid puzzle boy younger 6 piece

                             day at the masjid puzzle girl younger 6 piece

Eid puzzle1

2 piece Eid Puzzle

File for this one: 2 Piece Eid puzzle

Eid Puzzle2

2 piece Eid Puzzle #2

The file for this one: 2 piece Eid Puzzle #2

The graphics for the puzzles I used are from my favorite graphic site now masha Allah:



book A Little journal notebook I made for DD3 who really enjoyed it. I just used some cardboard and glued some felt on top and tied the book with lanyard (plastic string) and added some felt letters to the cover. I made this for those times we are in the car or visiting  someone, she can still practice writing since she loves writing now, masha Allah

Here is the pen

penjust wrapped in more lanyard

note holder

Here is one of the two note holders they made . The ones they gave these two were more appreciative than they had expected them to be *smile*

note holder2

The other note holder, has a post it note pad in it.

These note holders were made from popsicle sticks! The kids saved all summer long. They decorated them with paint (orange one) and marker  (pink one) 

They all like the rugged look of the finished product so they didn’t want to embelish it too much. A good Eid gift to give though for those who need to make themselves notes regularly like me* If I don’t write myself reminders I will not remember!

Here is the site where I found the note holder:Note Holder Craft

Insha Allah you all enjoy your Eid and remain steadfast with your Worship to the Most High.



Ramadan Lapbook 1430

Ramadan Lapbook10


The last days of Ramadan are here and our last craft for Ramadan will be our Lapbook.

I said I wasn’t going to do one this Ramadan since I have the new baby and lapbooks can be time consuming,but when Umm Ibrahim asked all of us ummies out there if anyone would be doing a lapbook…I thought….if I find some extra time I will put something together for the little ones,insha Allah.

Guess what? I found the time,Alhamdulilah!

This lapbook is a much smaller version of the traditional lapbooks. I found a site where a woman makes what she calls “tot books” which are just a smaller version of a lapbook.  If you are interested in visiting her site to get ideas it is here: Tot Books

The cover of our lapbook is simple, we just pasted a picture of a Masjid on front that I had lil missy color Here is where I found the picture of the Masjid: Masjid Coloring Page I also used a simple color in font here is the file for that here: Ramadan1430 The Font is so fun, the name of it is Cheri liney font which you can find for free here: Cheri Liney Font


ramadan lapbook11 

The entire layout of the lapbook. This one is so simple. You just take one file folder and cut it down just a little bit and fold the two side to the middle as you would a normal sized lapbook, like I said it’s just a miniature sized lapbook really.

 Ramadan Lapbook12

This is really my favorite part of the lapbook. The Date bowl pocket holding date shaped cards.

Ramadan Lapbook13

The cards have lines to write a hadith about dates and there is a bonus card of a lil Muslim boy eating dates coloring.

The idea of this lapbook was more so for all the younger children I have and teaching about some of the more simple aspects of Ramadan, such as breaking fast with dates. Here is the file for the date bowl here: Dates Bowl

The older girls have done their crafts at the beginning of the month and have focused more on studies I have put together for them so I thought I would treat the little ones to the lapbook, and how much fun they had! Alhamdulilah for allowing me to find the time to finish off our crafts with this Lapbook. My 2,4 and 5 yr old all love it, perhaps we should have made more than one? *smile*

Ramadan Lapbook15 

The R-A-M-A-D-A-N pull out tab, teaches the little ones to spell Ramadan, insha Allah.

Here is the file for the Ramadan Spelling: Ramadan spelling tabs


Ramadan Lapbook5

Mini Book on Zakaat Ul-Fitr

Ramadan Lapbook6

Inside page of the mini book. Has Tracers to help with spelling and writing,insha Allah.

Ramadan Lapbook7

Another page of the Zakaat Ul-Fitr mini book. I talked to them about what we give for Zakaat Ul-Fitr and when it is to be given, masha Allah they understood well. Here is the file for the minibook: Zakaat mini book

Ramadan Lapbook20

Here is the math of the Lapbook, it’s never too early! I showed them how to measure a saa’ and made cards of hands cupped together to show them  how it is to be measured.

Ramadan Lapbook21

This can be a addition or multiplication activity. I asked my little ones to count the cards if one person gave zakaat ul-fitr then two and so on so forth. They liked it! Masha Allah.

Here is the file for this here: Zakaat Math

Ramadan Lapbook17

Here is the moon phases section of the lapbook.

Ramadan Lapbook19

The moon phase cards

Ramadan Lapbook18

Moon phase cards again, I showed them the different phases of the moon on the computer. We talked a bit about what it looks like and what moon we seek for the coming of Ramadan. They are such smart little sponges,masha Allah. I had the older two put the cards in order from the first phase to the last, so of course I had to have two sets of cards one for them and one for the little one ( my 2 yr old) I made his matching/concentration game. He seems to like those,masha Allah.

Here is where I found the flashcards: Glaskow Science Centre

Here is the pocket for the moon cards here: Moon Pocket

Ramadan Lapbook16

The “Perform Good Deeds” Mini Book

Ramadan Lapbook9

Inside of the mini book. Coloring pages with tracers. This one says ” Help Ummie with laundry”

Masha Allah

Ramadan Lapbook8

Another page of the mini book. It says ” Share with your sister”

Here is the file for the Good Deeds mini book: Good deeds Mini book

Ramadan Lapbook2

The last part of the lapbook which finishes off with the Eid Ul Fitr tri fold mini book.

Ramadan Lapbook4

Opened up. We found the Eid graphics on now my favorite site for Islamic Graphics. Here is the file for the Eid part of our lapbook: Eid greeting


I cannot say enough about how talented all the sisters are on the forum. Please visit them and take a look at their graphics. They work hard and share their graphics free of charge, Alhamdulilah. May Allah Reward them with Good,Ameen!

Insha Allah, I pray you all have a good Eid and that All of your fasts will be accepted as they were only for Allah. Ameen.

Enjoy the lapbook and feel free to use the files, they are here for you insha Allah.

Ramadan Game

Ramadan Game8


We are nearing the end of Ramadan and had I known it would have gone so fast….I would have done this game so much more in advance.

The new little guy only allows me to work the wee hours of the night though,masha Allah.

Really, he has been such a blessing and the little time he has allowed me to do some of the things I have been able to has really reminded of how precious our time is and how we should not waste time on things that are not beneficial to us. I have really committed every waking moment and some sleepless nights thinking of how I can do this and how I can do that..to teach my children. *smile*

Ramadan Game11


The Ramadan Game is a bonus for this month. I didn’t really think I would find time to finish it, but I did and the children have been enjoying it so much I forgot to post and share.

I do apologize for not getting out there to you all to benefit from this Ramadan, but it is here for you too use so insha Allah next Ramadan.

Ramadan Game12

Close up of the board

Ramadan Game6

Game pieces

Ramadan Game7

Pieces again, One taken apart to show how it goes together.

Ramadan Game2

Quran Cards

Ramadan Game1

Close up of Quran Cards

Ramadan Game3

Good Deed Cards

Ramadan Game4

Close up of Good Deed Card

Ramadan Game10

Fasting Cards

Ramadan Game9

Fasting Cards up close

The Game itself was not hard to assemble. The board we printed out on paper, and pasted it on a colored file folder. We trimmed the edges to give it the original shape.

The cards were printed on cardstock as well as the game pieces.

The kids love the game, and have learned some things that they didn’t know before,masha Allah. That was the whole point. I plan on making more insha Allah.

Here is the file for the entire game: Ramadan Game

*note* If you see any mistakes on the game or anything I have posted please inform me as I am human and am capable of making mistakes from time to time.


Good Deed Stars

Okay, now that we have finally had some time to breath,masha Allah. I have thought of an idea for the little ones involving good deeds!

I thought and thought what could we do this year. We chose to make the Good Deed Tree last year since Ramadan started in the fall. This year I was clueless on what  idea we could come up with.

We are starting it a little late, since we had so much other non craft activities to cover, but masha Allah we are in full “good deed” practice.

Since the little ones are older this year I thought to cover a little bit about moon phases and stars in the sky. I guess you can say a little bit of an intro to what is going to come insha Allah. We talked alot about how Allah has created everything including the stars and moon in the sky. They enjoyed the lesson, I can now ask my 5 yr old what kind of moon do we sight at the start of Ramadan and she remembers! Alhamdulilah!

We pasted everything on our bulletin board. The idea is to paste a new star each time one of the little ones does a good deed. They are quite encouraged to please Allah and do as much good as they can. Masha Allah.

Bulletin board

This is the full board. You can see we also hung stars from the ceiling. These were fun, we just found the star template. The little ones painted glue on them and sprinkled glitter.We tied a string to them and suspended them from the ceiling. We got our template from Enchanted Learning


Star up close. We used cereal boxes for our template to make the star more sturdy. We Love recycling and reusing!!

Bulletin board2

The front of the board wher you can see the “GOOD DEED STARS” Sign

Bulletin board6

Good Deed Stars sign up close

Bulletin board7

Here is our drawn out Masjid. We did not have a template for this, if you decide to make this board you will have to draw out your own insha Allah. This was my part of the project since none of my older children wanted to have a go at it *smile*

The masjid is simply drawn on 4 pieces of copy paper, colored in with markers and we also added some glitter glue to give it a bit of a shimmer.

Bulletin board5

Here is our border up close.

Bulletin board3

Abi, Ummie, Baby in stroller, and DS2

We saw the sis Umm idris had a nice Cloudscape and she has little Muslims on her back drop so we thought to do the same, such a clever idea masha Allah! 

Bulletin board4

The girls and DS1

Bulletin board9

Ummie and DS2


Of course you all know me, I do have a file to share with you in case you would like to use for this or next Ramadan insha Allah.

The borders as well as the “Good Deed” sign, and yellow stars is here Ramadan banners

Here are some black and white stars to have the little ones a little more involved. They can color them in and then paste them for their good deed insha Allah. Good Deed Stars



Now that Ramadan is over here is our Good Deed Bulletin Board full of Good Deed Stars, Masha Allah.




The 3 little ones absolutely loved adding stars on the board all day long!!  I was glad to have the older girls to help me keep up with their deeds,masha Allah.

Majlis Craft

Have you all adjusted to the coming of Ramadan? We are getting back on track,masha Allah.

I have the big girls working on An-Nawawi’s 40 hadeeth. They complete the copywork for one hadeeth at a time. This I got from Islamic Copywork Blog Which is so useful in helping them memorize each hadeeth. We go over the explanation and they work for a really nice activity e-book that I found on Umm An-Nu’man Freebies called ’40 Hadith An-Nawawi Activity Guide’ . This is such a nice activity book. It only covers the first 6 ahadeeth so far, but the sis intends on finishing the book insha Allah.

We have lots of studies we are currently covering, but I try finding fun in our day somewhere. The Big girls enjoyed making the Yarn Dolls so much, and they say it really kept their minds off food as well as thinking of what a blessing it is to be a Muslim, Alhamdulilah.

I thought we could make a house for the yarn dolls and of course did some research on what could be done.

I saw this wonderful picture of a Majlis on from my Dear Sis Umm Idris. I just had to show the girls and so we did some research on what a Majlis was first. I had them write a short paper on it, and then they were able to explain to me what they would want theirs to look like in full detail (always finding a way to include daily lessons) *smile*

They then came up with an idea to make a Majlis model, and of course we pulled together supplies we had in our house and made one!

Here is the actual picture shared from Umm Idris of what they mimicked:


The girls could have easily made up one of their own,but they loved this one so much they just wanted to make it.

According to Wikipedia A Majlis is a “place of sitting” 

 Majlis is also an Arabic term for a room in a private home used to entertain family and guests. In some homes there is a women’s Majlis and a men’s Majlis.

So we are now in the Month of Ramadan, we all often have many visitors for either iftar or just to visit. The girls thought this was a nice addition to our studies of Ramadan.


Our Majlis was made from:

  •  a cardboard box
  • felt
  • popsicle sticks
  • Cereal boxes
  • cotton
  • beads
  • white paint
  • hot glue gun (an alternative can be fabric glue)


They painted the box with white paint and allowed to dry while they worked on the other details of the majlis.


An overview of the majlis with table in the middle


Another overview without the table so you can see the rug


Dining Table made from cereal box and covered with red felt


Dining Room Table


Left hand side of seating area. Couches made from cereal boxes and covered in white fabric and used cotton to make plush.


Right side seating area with pillows and shows the decorations on the wall area. The wall decorations are just gold plastic beads that can  be purchased at any local craft store.



Couch and floor pillows made from felt and stuffed with cotton. They used hot glue to seal the pillows shut.


The area rug made from felt.


They made a prayer rug from felt and a little white yarn.


Coffee table or console table made from a small candy box, but I am sure a cereal box would do the same job. They covered it in foam board, but felt would work too.


Here are the books they made from foam board and some scrap paper. They didn’t forget that every house needs books, otherwise how would you be able to gain knowledge?


Bolster pillows for the couch made from felt and cotton to stuff them.


The Back main wall of the Majlis. They used some beads and made candle sticks, I guess? A picture made from colored foil and frame made out of popsicle sticks and foam board. The shelves throughout the majlis are made out of popsicle sticks.


They even made little hangers like in the picture. I think they hangers are suppose to hold Ghutrahs or something. Their hangers hold little throw blankets to cover with.


Here is a picture of how the Yarn dolls fit in the majlis.

I enjoy watching and doing the projects with them because it helps us bond more and shows them how to be creative. This simple project they will always remember, insha Allah.

They enjoy playing with this little majlis more than any store bought toy I have ever bought them. I think they cherish it because it was something they put their time and efforts into.

They have been talking about making add ons to this. Subhan Allah! They want to start collecting more boxes and thinking of ideas of what to use to make their bedrooms and kitchen and whatever else more!

Some would think “how elementary” since my girls are older but you know, when our children grow up we often wonder where the time went. I really try my best to allow them to be young while they are. They have time to be adults when they reach that time, insha Allah. This will also help them when it’s time to have their own children,insha Allah.

Okay, okay…getting sentimental! Masha Allah.

I hope you enjoyed the craft we have shared with you. I really hope you make on at home, in school, or with some of your Muslim sisters kids. If you do, please share pictures. I would love to see what you come up with, insha Allah.

Muslim Yarn Dolls




Ramadan has reached us all, and it feels wonderful. Alhamdulilah!

Trying to keep your fasting teens or even little ones busy? I haven’t forgotten that although my girls are growing up, I realize they still like to craft and play. I keep their minds young so to speak! *smile*

The first days of fasting are always the hardest for my older girls. This year I am trying a little something different. I want them to do their studies the first part of the day, insha Allah since this is the time where their energy is the highest and they can stay focused more.

The last half of the day, they have had their own crafts to do to keep them busy and less focussed on being hungry or counting down the hours,minutes and seconds to break their fast.

These passed first few days of Ramadan they have been working on Muslim Yarn Dolls. I thought what a cute idea, and had them have a go at it!

They turned out to be so adorable. The girls made one for each member of our family.

These were also quite easy and inexpensive to make, masha Allah.


Here is what they look like undecorated


Here is our family of Yarn dolls grouped together


Ummie, Abi and baby. They even gave abi a beard masha Allah


Here are the 3 little kids, khimars, kufis and all! masha Allah


The two big girls, how colorful!


Baby and big bro


Big sister with little bro

Like I said this was a simple project, but I say in our instance the big girls did this themselves. We used a hot glue gun on the felt clothes although if you would like to include little ones in this project it might be better to use fabric glue.

Here is the site where I found the idea for this craft: Yarn Dolls

Mailbox Craft




Okay, so we have been talking alot about mail and how we get mail. The little ones show so much interest,masha Allah. I went searching the net and found a real neat idea, and from that idea ideas just kept popping out at us. *smile*

This craft can actually be used year round or for Ramadan letters,postcards for friends and family.

First, we made out “outgoing” mailbox out of two small boxes taped together. The box stands about 22-24″ tall.


We made a slot on front to drop mail off. The idea also is to help increase the Muslim Sisterhood/brotherhood in our local area. The kids actually made up postcards and letters to give out to our locals as well as some of our family as a means of dawah, insha Allah.

We covered the box with a brown paper bag, then they came up with the idea to cover it with the candy foil I still have so much of *smile*. The big girls wanted it to mimic the U.S mail box somewhat.

We made a “MAIL” sign and had my 5 yr old color it in.

Here is the file for our sign if you woul like to use it: MAILBOXLABEL

we also decorated some stamps and glued them to the box

Here is the file for the stamps:  Blank stamps

This is a good project to cover many subjects. we talked about different places in the world(geography), spelling,handwriting,Islamic studies. I mean the list can go on!

Recently I have found pen pals as well for my 3 girls and thought this would be an excellent time to teach my 5 yr old daughter about mail. We made the big mail box for “outgoing mail” and boom an idea popped in my head. I was thinking of an idea for good deeds again for this Ramadan. Well, I found my solution. We made mini mailboxes and placed them outside their doors.

The idea is to write or draw something nice for each other each day of Ramadan and deliver it to the mini mailbox out their bedroom doors. I am trying to encourage them to do nice things for one another, insha Allah

They don’t get to open it until the day of Eid. This way they learn patience, and to be kind and say kind things about one another each day that passes, insha Allah. This will cover my “good deed” project insha Allah.

We got the idea for the smaller boxes from A Muslim Child is Born Blog

This is another way of using what we have by recycling old snack or dried food boxes. Here is the box without decoration


Here are pictures of their boxes completed.


Lil Missy’s, she’s such a girly girl, masha Allah. She added some clear cellophane that had flowers on it.


My Big Lug’s, he was very selective of his colors


My Chunky’s, he realy went to town painting glue on his box and nicley laqying his foil on the box….it’s just too bad it all didn’t stick!


Big girl #1

Yes, I do get the older girls involved in these “kiddy”deas masha Allah. I have to get them to show the little ones what fun they can have and how to get creative!


Big Girl #2

The idea to use the  colored foil again was the big girls, they thought it would look more realistic with shiny boxes,masha Allah.

After taking the pictures, we added name tags to the boxes.

We made “pretend” stamps for the postcards that would stay local as well as the inhouse mail. Here are a few pics of the postcards and stamps and stationary

 new mailbox

Have I mentioned that the kids love to color? Teehee

new mailbox2 

we used a premade postcard template and adding coloring pictures to it

Here is the file for some postcards we made in case you would like to use them as well



we found the postcard template at Crayola website

Our stationary isn’t too fancy right now, as we wanted to get this done soon. We plan on making more soon insha Allah.

 new mailbox3

Here are the files for stationary insha Allah



Our stationary is mini sized for our mini envelopes for our min mailboxes. *smile*


Here are the stamps we used for our “pretend” mailing

new mailbox4 

These stamps reflect Ramadan, but I am sure we will be making plenty of these throughout the year, insha Allah

Here is the file for our stamps: Stamps

Some stamps are bigger than others, there is a reason. The bigger stamps are for coloring and customizing. The smaller stamps already have a colored image and those we use for our mini envelopes.

We  used graphics from easel and ink, click the banner below to visit the forum. Once again, they are some extremely talented sisters there!


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Prayer Rug Magnets


 I loved this idea that we found once again on A Muslim Child is Born Blog. We changed a little for ours, but they are the same idea.

My kids had so much fun making these and to be honest, it was not a messy project either. They loved personalizing their own prayer rug magnet.


Here is my sample to show them what we would be doing.

we used felt,paint,and popsicle sticks. The popsicle sticks serve as the back of the rug to make it sturdy. Put the magnet on the back of the popsicle sticks. Decorated to our liking.


This one belongs to one of the older girls, I had to break her arm to join in the project *smile*


“Lil Missy’s” prayer rug, she was really involved in this one, masha Allah.

While making our Magnets we talked about what we use it for and that we worship Allah. This is also a good project for teaching the little ones about salaat.


This belongs to my 2 yr old “chunk” he loves arts and crafts time, masha Allah


This one is my 4 yr old’s  “Big Lug” work. He absolutely loved the finished product, masha Allah.


Last but not least, my eldest daughters. She wasn’t too involved in making it all extravagant as she was helping her ummie keep the little ones in line, Masha Allah.

Ramadan Recipe Box/Cards

I think things are going to slow down a bit after this one. I want to prevent a burnout, lol masha Allah. I will be getting the things done in the house to make it run a little more smoothly for the Blessed Month of Ramadan, insha Allah.

I just get so excited when we do something around the house that I just want to share with you all, masha Allah

We made our Recipe box out of an old snack box,( we try using all our resources around here) This one was quite simple and my older girls were able to do this one without any assistance

Ramadan Recipe box

 This is the box before it was decorated


The inside of the box to show you it is a plain ordinary snack box. Recycling and reusing,masha Allah.

We just cut the top of the box to the size we wanted and used the remaining part of the box to make the lid.

Ramadan Recipe box3

Second Stage of our recipe box, The girls used some colored foil for this part. I had some just laying around the house from when I used to make homemade candy.

Ramadan Recipe box2

They even foiled the inside of the box, I guess they really wanted to make it look like it was never a snack box, masha Allah

Ramadan Recipe Box9

They girls really got into this craft, they have been learning to cook and I have also been teaching them how to create their own things on the computer.

Ramadan Recipe Box4

I found graphics that I just fell in love with and I was wondering how I could use them. Then I came up with the idea for the girls to make a Ramadan Recipe Box, masha Allah. This was how I was going to use them. So I showed the girls the graphics and opened up the computer program that they were going to use and this is how they incorporated the graphics.

Ramadan Recipe Box5

They even made the Recipe cards that they are planning to fill out with recipes we are going to use for the month insha Allah.

Ramadan Recipe Box7

The girls really worked well as a team on this one. I normally have issues with getting them to work nicely with one another. My thought is that they got so involved in this project that they didn’t even realize they were getting along! *smile*

Ramadan Recipe Box8

Not too shabby for an old snack box that was saved from the trash! Masha Allah.

I want to share the link with you where I found the graphics. There are some extremely talented sisters on the forum. Do go and visit and register and see the creations they have come up with insha Allah.

Click the banner below to visit “Easel and Ink-The Wonderful Art Garden for Muslim Sisters”



Ramadan 3 Dimensional Letters


ramadan letters8

Finally finished! Whew, this one was a fun one as well as one that teaches patience!!

I wanted to make this a “more fun” Ramadan for my big girls since they always think I take the time out to “play” with the little kids and they always have to study,study,study. We know they will understand when they get a bit older, but as it stands now, I have to remember that although they have met their teen years they too have some kid left in them as well all do, masha Allah.

We created these 3 dimensional letters out of paper! Finding crafts that are budget friendly and still fun is key~

R-A Letters close

Yep, we used glitter to make them pretty! These didn’t take too much time to put together after we got the hang of it. patience you need for these as you have to glue some parts together. This is a better craft for the older kids. I always try incorporating the young ones in our projects so they don’t feel left out so after we painted the paper letters with glue we had each of the little ones shake glitter on the letters. They enjoyed just doing that. I recommend doing this close to bath time as it can be messy if you let it get out of hand. I try keeping it as controlled as I can so I don’t have so much clean up.

 ramadan letters2

This is going to be our centerpiece for the table. We actually sprayed the letters lightly with some tacky spray to keep the glitter from falling all over the place.

Oops, I almost forgot to give the link where I found these 3 dimensional letters.Epson Paper Craft Mania

Have some fun and try it for yourself,insha Allah. *smile*