Salaat Keeper

This is a continuance of our salaat lesson.

I have been going over the different parts of salaat for my 5 yr old as she has shown much curiousity.

I have not had much time to make lapbooks with the kids since the new baby masha Allah. I chose to go ahead and make a salat keeper instead.

A Salaat keeper is simply a file folder that holds all the materials for the lesson.

salaat folder2

The front of the salaat keeper is decorated with paint. I am not sure if you are able to see in the picture,but the ends have twine string to make it look like the ends of a prayer rug.

salaat folder3

The end of the file folder side to show you the twine that imitates the end of a prayer rug.

salaat spinner

This is the salat spinner, which I absolutely love! We got this from A Muslim Child is Born Blog  My 5yr old colored it in and I glued it to a piece of cardboard. She sits in the corner with it practicing…so cute masha Allah.

facing the kabah mini

I was showing my 5 yr where to face and used this little book from Talibiddeenjr Blog

5 daily salat cover

The five daily salaat book ,illlustrates the position of the sun for each prayer. This is the cover.


Here is the inside of the book. We have not put ours together yet ( I was too excited to get it posted) *smile*

Here is the file for the book  salaat names2

Here is also a variation of another book same subject salaat names

I made that book before the other.

salaat positions

Salaat position cards for quick reference.


One card up close

salaat positions2

The back of the card. The idea was to teach my child the positions as well as writing practice.

salaat positions3

Card up close


One more up close

 Here is the file for this part of our lesson salaat positions 

salaat tracker journal

 Here is the salaat tracker journal to keep track of making the salaat each day. Masha Allah what a nice find. Here is where I got it Umm An-Nu’man Freebies  “The salaat word& definition activity ebook”

muslims making salaat

Muslims Making Salaat coloring booklet

muslims making salaat2

Muslim Family making salaat

muslims making salaat3

Muslimah’s making the salaat


Salaatul Jumuah, These are the pages in the book

Here is the coloring book Muslims Making salaat coloring booklet


salaat copywork

Here is the salaat copywork We got this from Islamic Copywork Blog This was so cute. My little one thought it was such a priviledge to be able to draw a prayer rug at the end.

rakaat count

Rakaat count cards. We got these from Talibiddeenjr Blog

We printed them out on cardstock for durability and to help my little one count the number of rakaat for each salaat.

rakaat count2

Rakaat count close up


Here is the last we have put into the salaat keeper. My child has often mimicked us in making dhikr after salaat. I thought to make up a little booklet to teach her. Here is the cover of the booklet.

hot to tasbeeh

illustration and explanation of how to make tasbeeh.


An illustration of making tasbeeh.

Here is the file for the booklet Making Tasbeeh booklet

If we add more I will be sure to post and add files or resources insha Allah.





Salaat Mini-Bulletin Board

We have finally started and finished out Salaat Mini Bulletin. Thanks to Sister at Talibiddeejr for her great work, Masha Allah.



If you would like her printouts go and visit her Islamic lapbooking blog, they are all there! Alhamdulilah!!

I wanted to get the older girls involved in helping teach my 4 yr old and my 5 yr old since we are expecting a new addition very soon, insha Allah. This will help free up time for me to take care of other things.


Close up of the top border

I used all of Ukhti Umm Ibrahim’s  files and just added a bit to make a border. This is the top of the border.



Here is the bottom of the salaat board. Yes, I do see it is mispelled *smile*. I just didn’t feel like re-doing the whole entire thing again. LOL    I added the word “Isha” in English as well as Arabic and the Sun position for that prayer, or shall I say Moon.


More of the bottom of the border


This is the right bottom of the border. Nothing fancy just printed out a series of the graphics from Ukhti Umm Ibrahim’s salaat position worksheet and pasted the images onto the border. This goes around the entire border and I added the names of each postion over random parts of the border to help the kiddies learn and get familiar with the names of the positions. Masha Allah. I really loved the sisters bulletin board idea!


Close up of the top left section of the border


This is the left top section of the border up close. As you can see I added a rising sun, the word “fajr” in English and Arabic. These are also on the Salaat section of Islamic Lapbooking files.


Mid-section of top of the border


This is the mid section of the top border. I added a Dhuhr sun and the word “Dhuhr” in English as well as Arabic.


Top Right section of the border


This is the top right section of the border in which I have added the “Asr” and “Maghrib” words in English and Arabic as well as the sun positions for those prayers.


Left side of the border

Here is the left side of the border. As you can see in the picture it shows the different positions of salaat and I have added the name of one of the positions over that specific position. This is done through out the entire border. Again, the position images are taken from the salat position print out on Islamic Lapbooking blog.


Salaat Board time clocks

These are the salaat time clocks. Each day one of the kiddies are responsible for placing the time on the clocks. I cut the clocks out and placed them underneath a plastic protector sheet so we can just erase and reuse each day. You can either use a crayon to mark the clock or a dry erase marker. Oh yeah, We also glued the clocks onto a colored piece of construction paper to add a little pop to each one.


Adkhaar Mini books


Now, I really love and appreciate these little mini books that Ukhti Umm Ibrahim has made up for the salaat board. They are most helpful not only in teaching the kids but reminding myself and My husband. We often catch outselves in such a hurry that sometimes this part can be forgotten.

We printed these books on cardstock then placed them in colored contruction paper to add that pop of color again.

This was a nice,easy and extremely beneficial project for our family. I have placed it right next to our larger bulletin board. It’s the first thing you see when looking in that direction. I ask that Allah reward the sister with Good  for her hard work in putting all the files together for us to use and teach our families. Ameen.

salaat board

Wudhu Lapbook

Wudhu Cover

My 4 year old daughter had shown interest in learning how to make wudhu properly. I thought what a great way to teach her by using a lapbook for her reference, masha Allah it worked!

First section of the lapbook is the Bismillah Puzzle which was great fun making but I’m sure much more fun for my daughter to color, masha Allah.

Bismillah Puzzle

Bismillah Puzzle pieced together

Bismillah Puzzle

Puzzle pieced apart to show size and shape of pieces


I simply created this by finding the right image I was happy with and editing it. I then found a puzzle template and made it transparent in psp and placed it over the image. Voile the puzzle was ready for print.

Here is the file for the Bismillah puzzle: Bismillah Puzzle File

My daughter colored it after I printed it out. I used regular copy paper although I am sure a heavy cardstock might be easier. After she colored it I then glued it on to half a file folder for stability ( I didn’t have cardstock at the time so I improvised, lol)

Cut the pieces and your puzzle is finished!

Here is the envelope we made freehand, no template although I am sure there are some out there. We just used a piece of construction paper and folded it half way to fit the section of the lapbook.

Bismillah Envelope

Bismillah Puzzle Envelope

Our Next section was the Wudhu Sequence Card Game. Again, this was a fun one and I think the more hands on the better for young children. My Daughter still plays with this!

Wudhu Sequence Card Game

Wudhu Sequence Card (Game Cards 1-4)

Wudhu Sequence Card Game

Wudhu Sequence Card Game (Cards 4-8)

I again found images I was pleased with online. I edited them and printed them on regular copy paper. This one is another good one to print on cardstock for stability since the lil ones will be handling them alot. I just glued them on a half a file folder again, lol. I couldn’t wait to go to the store and buy cardstock since I was so excited to get it finished for my lil one to play with.

If you would like to use this file here it is: wudhu-sequence-game file

We freehanded a pocket to hold the Cards. I know there are templates for folders, but I just wanted to be sure that mine was big enough to hold the cards.


Wudhu Sequence Game Pocket

Okay, now for a little comedy. Our next part of the lapbook was What Nullifies the wudhu, or in more simple terms “make wudhu after” section.

My pictures may seem a little graphic or even offensive in a way, but as I said earlier I believe children learn with more visual things. Please take no offense if you see it to be that way or if you look at it the way I do…Have a chuckle or two..Teehee!

Nullify wudhu flaps closed

Nullify Wudhu with flaps closed

Nullify wudhu with flaps open
If you would like the file for this one I first must say, mine are drawings in the picture, but I did make one from my computer that is similar. Here is the file: nullify-wudhu file
Now, we are at a part that most don’t teach until the children are older. I thought why not, young children have a larger capacity of learning than we realize. Tayammum or dry wudhu. What to make wudhu with if you have no water.

Tayammum- Dry Wudhu 2

 If you would like the file for this one Click here: tayammum- Dry Wudhu File

Now just for reinforcing the steps of wudhu and the proper order we made a flap book with the different steps of wudhu but a little more broken down and I captioned it to read to my daughter each time and have her show me that step.  Here is the file in which I used images from. This is a book made from another sister, but I only cut the images out and pasted them in a flap book as you can see in the picture. I am sure you can probably use the book if you would rather do so.


Wudhu order (flaps closed)


Wudhu Order (Flaps open)

For the file click here: steps-for-wudhu-file

The last part is the “After Wudhu we Pray” section. I used a coloring page I found and just printed it out, had my daughter color it and then I cut out each section of children praying.

Here is the file for the children praying: Children Praying coloring page file


After wudhu we pray

The rug the children are praying on I actually got off a wonderful homeschooling/Islamic website that I refer to all of the time when teaching my children. May Allah Reward That Sister with Much Good in this Life and the Hereafter. Ameen. 

Here is her site:

I actually found the prayer rugs on her ramadan sister site but thought I would reference her direct site and you can navigate through it. She has many beneficial teaching tools. Masha Allah, but here is the file for the rugs: prayer-rugs file

This lapbook was so much fun for my daughter. She loves walking around showing her siblings and her father or even anyone who comes to visit. She is so proud of herself for putting it all together on her own. Having 4 other siblings can prove some difficulty in finding time alone with one parent so this really helped her feel special and she learned on top of it. Alhamdulilah!

Can’t wait to start our next lapbook insha Allah!