Mosquito Craft

Mosquitoes! Yes, you read that right!

What can I say, My Big Lug loves all of Allah’s creation masha Allah. His favorites of Allah’s creation, Insects!  We have spent the passed 2 months talking,exploring,reading & learning all about insects!



This one looks a bit more complicated but it is quite simple to make. All you need is pipe cleaners and what ever you want to use for the wings. We used cookie container plastic. You know the inside packaging that holds  cookies. We cut it to the size we wanted and we had our wings!

Allah created Mosquitoes~ Alhamdulilah!

Start your insect crafts yet?

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Flower Pots & Plants Day 50-55

We have Flowers!

Allahu Akbar! We finally have flowers! The kids are learning so much and are so excited to finally see colored flowers in their pots!

They planted their seeds just under 2 months ago and Alhamdulilah they have been steadily growing each day up to this point.

It’s so wonderful to have them witness that Allah is truly the creator of ALL things! Masha Allah!


Here are our results:

Day 50



So far we have 2 orange and 1 yellow! Kids are so so so happy! *smile*

Day 55



As you can see the orange flowers really opened up nicely, masha Allah.

These five plants shoule be budding flowers really soon,insha Allah.

More to come insha Allah………..

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Praying Mantis Craft

Spring brings so many new things to our backyards and gardens. I started a lesson on Insects and how Allah has created every little one, masha Allah.

Our first Craft:

Praying Mantis


 This was a simple but complicated paper craft. One of my older girls did this one, since my big lug just loves praying mantis, we couldn’t leave this insect out of our lessons & crafts!

Here is where we found this craft: Praying Mantis Paper craft

There is a more simple praying mantis craft for younger children here: Danielle’s Place

Allah created the Praying Mantis~

Have Fun! Enjoy the Beauty of Spring!

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Flower Pots & Plants Days 35-45


Yes, Long time no post as usual! We are always so caught up in what we are doing daily that I just can’t seem to find enough energy to post what we have to share. Insha Allah I can get better with that!

Well as for the results here they are:

Day 35

As you can see, one thrives more than the others, but all in all they are doing fairly well, Alhamdulilah!



Day 40




Day 45



At this point, some are starting to bud flowers! We can see that we are going to have a yellow marigold so far insha Allah. The kids are so excited to finally see that they will have beautiful flowers. They make du’a for their flowers everyday when they water them.

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Butterfly Emerge & Release

Emerging Painted Ladies

Our Painted lady Butterflies have finally Emerged! What a site to see for us all,Alhamdulilah!

I have created a nice little slide show of both the emerging & releasing of these beautiful creatures.

The emerge video wasn’t so clear since the butterfly that had already emerged disturbed one of the chrysalides and it started shaking as way to chase off any predators. I just posted it to share what little video we did have. Maybe next time we can get more clear video to share, insha Allah.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Emerging Butterflies

The poem at the beginning reads:

Allah created everyting!
He created you and me!
He created the grass and the tree
Allah created creepy crawly bugs
He even created my ummie and Abi who give me hugs
Allah created the beautiful blue sky
He also created the Painted Lady Butterfly!
Allahu Akbar! Alhamdulilah!

All my children had part in writing the poem, I just put it all together to share with you. *smile*

The emerge happened 8 days after they turned into chrysalides.

On the 8th day, “Big Lug” went to the butterfly habitat and said “mommy, we have a butterfly”

 I went over, and sure enough there was a little painted lady with it’s wings spread!

They day went on and 4 more emerged, one after the other. It happened so fast I wasn’t able to really get any video of it.

It was the neatest experience to see for us all though,Masha Allah.

“Chunky”, my now 3 yr old was so amazed to see the whole process! He had that starry eyed look and smile on his face. He just couldn’t wait to get his hands in the netting to play with the butterflies.

“Big Lug” is my little entomologist, he as my little observer. He sat so patiently and quielty and just watched and waited! Masha Allah.

We talked all about the proboscus of the butterfly,the wings,the legs,antennae,eyes,everything!

They even learned about the expelling of the meconium after emerging, this is not something we had expected to see, so we all learned something with this project,masha Allah.

My children learned new words like fragile, and meconium and emerge. They learned so much. They even learned how to be gentle with these little guys.

3 days later the last 5 emerged but they did it over night so we missed it,but masha Allah they were all alive and well.

We placed orange wedges in the habitat for the butterflies until the weather permitted their release.

Butterfly Release

We chose the first warm day we had to release our beautiful painted ladies. We went to a botanical garden to make it easy for the butterflies to reach nectar quickly.

As we started nearing our destination they started mating! Subhan Allah!

We kept seeing them act frantic,and thought it was just them wanting to get out, but we were wrong!

They actual attached and stayed that way for the whole release! 8 of our 10 butterflies mated,Alhamdulilah.

This was a wonderful family bonding moment! Everyone took part in the release,masha Allah.  My husband even held the little fragile creatures. He was a bit freaked out to start with, but once I placed a butterfly in his hand he really got into it! Masha Allah.



Click to play this Smilebox slideshow:


 I would say to all of you out there, if you haven’t yet done this hands on project of raising butterflies to do so! It is a great way to teach your children all about life of the butterfly and appreciate what Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala has created. We plan on raising monarchs next year insha Allah



 Our next project would be to raise lady bugs, insha Allah


Flower Pots & Plants Day 25

Allahu Akbar! What 5 days has done for our marigold plants!


This spring season has just been so much fun for the little kids. It is so neat just to see their faces light up and that starry look they have in their eyes each day. Masha Allah

The pictures speak for them selves. All I can say is the kids are truly seeing What Allah can do!

Raising Butterflies Day 8


I know that I said you would hear more when our chrysalis hatche butterflies, but I totally forgot to show you the new habitat for our butterflies when they hatch!

Now that all of our caterpillars have finalized their chrysalis state, we decided to move them into their netted habitat that we received with our caterpillar kit.


Here was what was left over in the jar they were living in the past 7 days

Ewwww, looks pretty yucky! Remaining body parts from when they shed a little of their skin when they grew into a larger size, Poo, and the remaining food they were balling up. I guess they were trying to save? They sure were extremely busy in those 7 days eating, building webs, and sleeping!

Here will be their new habitat until we release our newly transformed butterflies,insha Allah.

Can you see both sets of our Chrysalis’ hanging? I love to see my kids just thrive on the lessons we are learning!

 Here are our chrysalis attached on the inside of the net, awaiting their transformation!


See you all in a few days with newly hatched butterflies insha Allah!

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Cupcake Caterpillar

Since our caterpillars have just left the caterpillar stage and moved on to the chrysalis state, we ended our caterpillar study with a special snack!

We made a cupcake caterpillar! The kids have been reading books about caterpillars and butterflies and how to care for them. I thought this was so neat to make a special snack out of it!

We had finished reading the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which is an all time fave!


We just made cupcakes and colored white frosting with food coloring and added some red licorice for the legs ( i know we have more legs on the caterpillar than one actually has, but I had to add a licorice for each kid)

We added yellow licorice for the antennae and sprinkles to add a nice touch of fun!

Of course the girls had to add a flower to put a touch of “girliness” in it!

Cupcake body a bit more up close

Caterpillar head

This was a nice fun way to finish off our lesson on caterpillars! Kids sure chomped their fave caterpillar down!

If you are also teaching your children about caterpillars and their change I recommend reading the book by Eric Carle it is so cute!

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Raising Butterflies Days 6-7

Subhan Allah! 7 days later and our caterpillars have now entered into the chrysalis state!

Here are a few pics of the two days!

Day 6

This is the first jar, as you can see the caterpillars are huge!

The second jar, the caterpillars are a bit smaller but still pretty neat! masha Allah!

Day 7  Chrysalis Stage!

Allahu Akbar! Look at that! This is such a neat way to teach the kids how Allah has created everything and is the planner of all planners!

All day each caterpillar made it’s way to the top and explored where they were going to hang!  As you can see in the picture some are a full chrysalis and others have actually just started the chrysalis process!

This is one jar up close to show you the actual caterpillars that just went in to the chrysalis stage. Allahu Akbar!!

To the right of the jar is an actual chrysalis! Look at that transformation! While some had already underwent the chrysalis tranformation others were at the top bugging them and it was so neat to see them go into their defense mode and thea actual chrysalis was shaking to I guess scare off a potential predator. This was so neat for the kids to experience.

They have been tracking the whole transformation with their journals! They love them too!

Next post about the the butterflies will be when we actually have butterflies insha Allah.

Stay tuned…..Insha Allah

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Raising Butterflies Day 3-5


Allahu Akbar! We have watched the baby caterpillars grow so fast from just little tiny itty bitties to now a whopping 1 1/2 inches!  They are huge compared to what we saw the first day!

Here are a few pics of our babies!

Day 3

Day 4

Jar 1

Jar 2

The caterpillars at this point have made webs all over their habitat now. Kids call them “web beds” lol

Day 5

They are Huge conpared to the little ones we started out with. The kids wake up to watch them and make du’a that they are healthy and grow up to be “good caterpillar kids”,lol masha Allah.

A whopping 1 1/2 inches now!

I wanted to share with you all a minibook I made for the kids to keep track of their butterflies changes and the days it will take for their butterflies to form, insha Allah.

Butterfly Journal

Stay tuned…..Chrysalis soon insha Allah!