Butterfly & Chrysalis Craft

We had to make a few butterfly crafts this year since we raised butterflies. While the kids waited for their caterpillars to turn into Chrysalides we were busy making our own!

This craft is one to especially do if you are raising butterflies or have raised them insha Allah.

The kids really had a wondreful time watching the changes of their caterpillars into butterflies so I took advantage of the moment and went with it.

Butterfly & Chrysalis

Our felt butterflies on a popsicle stick!


Here comes the fun part!

The butteflies in a toilet paper chrysalis! We painted the toilet paper rolls green (same as our painted lady chrysalis) and added some gold beads. we saw some golden specks on the chysalides so we added those to make them more realistic.


Fold your felt butterfly wings in and place it in the toilet paper roll.


Here is where we got our idea for this craft: Butterfly Activities

The only change we did was using felt instead of paper. My kids wanted to play with the butterflies and I knew if I let them use paper they would be tore up quickly and I would have crying kids in my house. I have avoided that by using felt,masha Allah.

Allah created Butterflies, Alhamdulilah!

Go and have some fun with your little ones now! insha Allah


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