Good Deed Stars

Okay, now that we have finally had some time to breath,masha Allah. I have thought of an idea for the little ones involving good deeds!

I thought and thought what could we do this year. We chose to make the Good Deed Tree last year since Ramadan started in the fall. This year I was clueless on what  idea we could come up with.

We are starting it a little late, since we had so much other non craft activities to cover, but masha Allah we are in full “good deed” practice.

Since the little ones are older this year I thought to cover a little bit about moon phases and stars in the sky. I guess you can say a little bit of an intro to what is going to come insha Allah. We talked alot about how Allah has created everything including the stars and moon in the sky. They enjoyed the lesson, I can now ask my 5 yr old what kind of moon do we sight at the start of Ramadan and she remembers! Alhamdulilah!

We pasted everything on our bulletin board. The idea is to paste a new star each time one of the little ones does a good deed. They are quite encouraged to please Allah and do as much good as they can. Masha Allah.

Bulletin board

This is the full board. You can see we also hung stars from the ceiling. These were fun, we just found the star template. The little ones painted glue on them and sprinkled glitter.We tied a string to them and suspended them from the ceiling. We got our template from Enchanted Learning


Star up close. We used cereal boxes for our template to make the star more sturdy. We Love recycling and reusing!!

Bulletin board2

The front of the board wher you can see the “GOOD DEED STARS” Sign

Bulletin board6

Good Deed Stars sign up close

Bulletin board7

Here is our drawn out Masjid. We did not have a template for this, if you decide to make this board you will have to draw out your own insha Allah. This was my part of the project since none of my older children wanted to have a go at it *smile*

The masjid is simply drawn on 4 pieces of copy paper, colored in with markers and we also added some glitter glue to give it a bit of a shimmer.

Bulletin board5

Here is our border up close.

Bulletin board3

Abi, Ummie, Baby in stroller, and DS2

We saw the sis Umm idris had a nice Cloudscape and she has little Muslims on her back drop so we thought to do the same, such a clever idea masha Allah! 

Bulletin board4

The girls and DS1

Bulletin board9

Ummie and DS2


Of course you all know me, I do have a file to share with you in case you would like to use for this or next Ramadan insha Allah.

The borders as well as the “Good Deed” sign, and yellow stars is here Ramadan banners

Here are some black and white stars to have the little ones a little more involved. They can color them in and then paste them for their good deed insha Allah. Good Deed Stars



Now that Ramadan is over here is our Good Deed Bulletin Board full of Good Deed Stars, Masha Allah.




The 3 little ones absolutely loved adding stars on the board all day long!!  I was glad to have the older girls to help me keep up with their deeds,masha Allah.


Salaat Mini-Bulletin Board

We have finally started and finished out Salaat Mini Bulletin. Thanks to Sister at Talibiddeejr for her great work, Masha Allah.



If you would like her printouts go and visit her Islamic lapbooking blog, they are all there! Alhamdulilah!!

I wanted to get the older girls involved in helping teach my 4 yr old and my 5 yr old since we are expecting a new addition very soon, insha Allah. This will help free up time for me to take care of other things.


Close up of the top border

I used all of Ukhti Umm Ibrahim’s  files and just added a bit to make a border. This is the top of the border.



Here is the bottom of the salaat board. Yes, I do see it is mispelled *smile*. I just didn’t feel like re-doing the whole entire thing again. LOL    I added the word “Isha” in English as well as Arabic and the Sun position for that prayer, or shall I say Moon.


More of the bottom of the border


This is the right bottom of the border. Nothing fancy just printed out a series of the graphics from Ukhti Umm Ibrahim’s salaat position worksheet and pasted the images onto the border. This goes around the entire border and I added the names of each postion over random parts of the border to help the kiddies learn and get familiar with the names of the positions. Masha Allah. I really loved the sisters bulletin board idea!


Close up of the top left section of the border


This is the left top section of the border up close. As you can see I added a rising sun, the word “fajr” in English and Arabic. These are also on the Salaat section of Islamic Lapbooking files.


Mid-section of top of the border


This is the mid section of the top border. I added a Dhuhr sun and the word “Dhuhr” in English as well as Arabic.


Top Right section of the border


This is the top right section of the border in which I have added the “Asr” and “Maghrib” words in English and Arabic as well as the sun positions for those prayers.


Left side of the border

Here is the left side of the border. As you can see in the picture it shows the different positions of salaat and I have added the name of one of the positions over that specific position. This is done through out the entire border. Again, the position images are taken from the salat position print out on Islamic Lapbooking blog.


Salaat Board time clocks

These are the salaat time clocks. Each day one of the kiddies are responsible for placing the time on the clocks. I cut the clocks out and placed them underneath a plastic protector sheet so we can just erase and reuse each day. You can either use a crayon to mark the clock or a dry erase marker. Oh yeah, We also glued the clocks onto a colored piece of construction paper to add a little pop to each one.


Adkhaar Mini books


Now, I really love and appreciate these little mini books that Ukhti Umm Ibrahim has made up for the salaat board. They are most helpful not only in teaching the kids but reminding myself and My husband. We often catch outselves in such a hurry that sometimes this part can be forgotten.

We printed these books on cardstock then placed them in colored contruction paper to add that pop of color again.

This was a nice,easy and extremely beneficial project for our family. I have placed it right next to our larger bulletin board. It’s the first thing you see when looking in that direction. I ask that Allah reward the sister with Good  for her hard work in putting all the files together for us to use and teach our families. Ameen.

salaat board