Ladybug Emerge & Release!

That time has come where we have said goodbye to our ladybugs! The children can’t wait to get their hands on our little guys!

We decided to release them off our balcony where we have our flowers, and if they stay they do, but if they don’t Alhamdulilah!


It was so neat to see they had no spots to start out and they were so pale in color. We only experienced one emerge, the rest were too shy so they emerged overnight,masha Allah

Can you see the underwings still hanging out? They were drying out to tuck in.

The spots really started to appear so fast, it was so amazing, Alhamdulilah!

This was probably 15 minutes after the emerge, look how much darker the spots are! so neat!

Here is our lady sitting next to it’s cocoon casing after it’s emerge!

This is as dark as it gets for our lady’s. They weren’t quite red, but the kids were still amazed and loved it so much!


Only 2 pics of the release. They flew immediately as we opened the lady bug land up! One stayed behind to explore our little garden of flowers so we were able to get these 2 pics.

We also did some coloring activities for ladybugs which you can download

Color a number of spots on ladys: Spotty dotty laybugs
Ladybug colors coloring book: Ladybug colors
Matching/Memory Game: ladybug matching game
We enjoyed our ladybug lessons! Masha Allah!