Ramadan Game

Ramadan Game8


We are nearing the end of Ramadan and had I known it would have gone so fast….I would have done this game so much more in advance.

The new little guy only allows me to work the wee hours of the night though,masha Allah.

Really, he has been such a blessing and the little time he has allowed me to do some of the things I have been able to has really reminded of how precious our time is and how we should not waste time on things that are not beneficial to us. I have really committed every waking moment and some sleepless nights thinking of how I can do this and how I can do that..to teach my children. *smile*

Ramadan Game11


The Ramadan Game is a bonus for this month. I didn’t really think I would find time to finish it, but I did and the children have been enjoying it so much I forgot to post and share.

I do apologize for not getting out there to you all to benefit from this Ramadan, but it is here for you too use so insha Allah next Ramadan.

Ramadan Game12

Close up of the board

Ramadan Game6

Game pieces

Ramadan Game7

Pieces again, One taken apart to show how it goes together.

Ramadan Game2

Quran Cards

Ramadan Game1

Close up of Quran Cards

Ramadan Game3

Good Deed Cards

Ramadan Game4

Close up of Good Deed Card

Ramadan Game10

Fasting Cards

Ramadan Game9

Fasting Cards up close

The Game itself was not hard to assemble. The board we printed out on paper, and pasted it on a colored file folder. We trimmed the edges to give it the original shape.

The cards were printed on cardstock as well as the game pieces.

The kids love the game, and have learned some things that they didn’t know before,masha Allah. That was the whole point. I plan on making more insha Allah.

Here is the file for the entire game: Ramadan Game

*note* If you see any mistakes on the game or anything I have posted please inform me as I am human and am capable of making mistakes from time to time.



Ramadan 3 Dimensional Letters


ramadan letters8

Finally finished! Whew, this one was a fun one as well as one that teaches patience!!

I wanted to make this a “more fun” Ramadan for my big girls since they always think I take the time out to “play” with the little kids and they always have to study,study,study. We know they will understand when they get a bit older, but as it stands now, I have to remember that although they have met their teen years they too have some kid left in them as well all do, masha Allah.

We created these 3 dimensional letters out of paper! Finding crafts that are budget friendly and still fun is key~

R-A Letters close

Yep, we used glitter to make them pretty! These didn’t take too much time to put together after we got the hang of it. patience you need for these as you have to glue some parts together. This is a better craft for the older kids. I always try incorporating the young ones in our projects so they don’t feel left out so after we painted the paper letters with glue we had each of the little ones shake glitter on the letters. They enjoyed just doing that. I recommend doing this close to bath time as it can be messy if you let it get out of hand. I try keeping it as controlled as I can so I don’t have so much clean up.

 ramadan letters2

This is going to be our centerpiece for the table. We actually sprayed the letters lightly with some tacky spray to keep the glitter from falling all over the place.

Oops, I almost forgot to give the link where I found these 3 dimensional letters.Epson Paper Craft Mania

Have some fun and try it for yourself,insha Allah. *smile*

Ramadan Memory Game

Ramadan mem cards5

Ramadan is appraoching us real quick, are you all getting prepared????

I have been working on projects ideas for the kids to keep them busy, insha Allah. We all know that at times the younger children can be more than a handful for a fasting person!! I put together a Ramadan Memory game to keep my lil ones hands busy!

We made two sets, one in color and one in black and white that can be colored.

 Ramadan mem cards6

This is the face down of the colored memory cards.

 Ramadan mem cards7

Close up of the colored cards


Ramadan mem cards1

 More of the colored cards.

I tried to capture some of the important aspects of Ramadan so while we play, I can explain to kids what that card means to us during Ramadan.

Ramadan mem cards2

One more up close of three of the colored cards.


We took and glued the cards on non corrugated cardboard. I found mine from a back of a finger painting pad. I also plan on laminating mine, insha Allah.

Ramadan mem cards4

 Here are the black and white ones. I had my 5 yr old color them in. She enjoyed quiet time coloring them. She used crayon, although I think marker may have been better. *smile*

Ramadan mem cards11

Here are three of the cards colored

We just printed these cards on cardstock instead of gluing them to cardboard to show you the difference .


Ramadan mem cards9


Three more cards that were colored.

ramadan memory black and white2The cards front and back

Ramadan mem cards12One close up

Ramadan mem cards13

The difference in both

Ramadan mem cards8

The difference again

The cards were simple to make and really give my kids something to pre-occupy their time with. I take this game and turn into a lesson by talking to them about each card then ask them what the card says after I have already explained it to them.

Here are the files I used to make these.

Ramadan Memory Game Color

Ramadan Memory Game black and white


Please enjoy them!