Prayer Rug Magnets


 I loved this idea that we found once again on A Muslim Child is Born Blog. We changed a little for ours, but they are the same idea.

My kids had so much fun making these and to be honest, it was not a messy project either. They loved personalizing their own prayer rug magnet.


Here is my sample to show them what we would be doing.

we used felt,paint,and popsicle sticks. The popsicle sticks serve as the back of the rug to make it sturdy. Put the magnet on the back of the popsicle sticks. Decorated to our liking.


This one belongs to one of the older girls, I had to break her arm to join in the project *smile*


“Lil Missy’s” prayer rug, she was really involved in this one, masha Allah.

While making our Magnets we talked about what we use it for and that we worship Allah. This is also a good project for teaching the little ones about salaat.


This belongs to my 2 yr old “chunk” he loves arts and crafts time, masha Allah


This one is my 4 yr old’s  “Big Lug” work. He absolutely loved the finished product, masha Allah.


Last but not least, my eldest daughters. She wasn’t too involved in making it all extravagant as she was helping her ummie keep the little ones in line, Masha Allah.