Ant Craft


Here is our Ant craft





A classic, egg carton ants!

We painted our egg cartons and added pipecleaner legs and antennae.

Fun, Simple and great bonding time with the kids

Time for crafts at your house,insha Allah?

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Bees & Bee Hive Craft

What’s Spring without Bees and a bee hive? We couldn’t forget about bees!


Bees & Hive

Here is our bee we made out of a baby food jar lid! We simply painted it black and glued yellow felt strips on it and glued white felt wings to the back.

Another bee and our hive.

We made our hive from newspaper dipped in glue (paper mache’) we used a gallon milk jug as our model to cover with newspaper. we covered it half way,let it dry then wedged it out. We stuffed the top part with crumbled, balled up newspaper to fit our formation we were looking for. Then we covered it with more glued newspaper strips.

Bees & Hive We added the bees to the hive with pipe cleaners

Allah created Bees, Alhamdulilah!

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Fire Fly Craft

I know you are probably saying “this is a summer insect” well that’s at least when we start seeing them here. I just had to add it to our lessons because…you guessed it, My big lug loves Fire flies!

Here it is:

Simple craft!

Construction paper & stryofoam egg carton piece!


Took us no time to make, but put smiles on all my little ones face & the time we spent just talking about fire flies or other known as lightning bugs, We have another craft idea for these guys  in the  summer, insha Allah.

Allah created Fire flies, Alhmadulilah!

Time for crafts at your house?

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Walking Stick Craft

Our second craft of our Insect lessons. Another favorite of my Big Lug! How can I not find a way to keep him happy by making a walking stick bug craft?


Here it is:

Walking Stick


Made right out of pipe cleaners! easy and simple!’


 Allah created the Walking Stick Bug, Alhamdulilah~

We got this idea from: Danielle’s Place again. We had to make a few of these of course


Mosquito Craft

Mosquitoes! Yes, you read that right!

What can I say, My Big Lug loves all of Allah’s creation masha Allah. His favorites of Allah’s creation, Insects!  We have spent the passed 2 months talking,exploring,reading & learning all about insects!



This one looks a bit more complicated but it is quite simple to make. All you need is pipe cleaners and what ever you want to use for the wings. We used cookie container plastic. You know the inside packaging that holds  cookies. We cut it to the size we wanted and we had our wings!

Allah created Mosquitoes~ Alhamdulilah!

Start your insect crafts yet?

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Spring is Here!


Spring Bulletin Board

Okay, A bit early but we have started working on Spring. There is so much to cover and I want to get as much done as possible before baby # 6 comes in May insha Allah.


Lil Missy's flower pot

Here are a couple flower pots that I had my pre schooler, and kindergartener make. They are simply made out of foam board/paper. nothing fancy, but the lil ones did have fun making them!


AB's Flower pot


We also made a series of caterpillars to start off the butterfly lesson. My 3 yr old son absolutley loves bugs, butterflies, and bees. I plan to make a couple of the insect lap books this spring, insha Allah.



The first of our caterpillars didn’t make it to the picture since it was my 2 yr old son’s project. We simply cut out an egg carton bottom and the lil guy painted it and we added pipe cleaners for the antenna. He loved it so much that I couldn’t get it from him for even a second. LOL

The next one was also quite simple. We just took two pieces of colored contstruction paper and cut them in to 1 or 2 in width and we actually used 3 pieces  and stripped them together for length. After that we L shaped them together with a piece of tape and then just used a back and forth method weaving them over each other until it was all tegether like and accordian. Here is where I got my caterpillar project ideas from:  There are many insect crafts to do there. I am thinking of doing butterfly projects, but am thinking of something simple that we can suspend from the ceiling. I want it to look as if the butterflies are flying. Insha Allah if any of you have any suggestions, please do share. My lil ones are young so I try making the projects simple and as little clean up as possible. *smile*


Add more soon insha Allah!

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