Insectropolis bugseum!

We finished our summer insect activities and lessons with a field trip to our local insect museum. It ws a wonderful day and all the children really enjoyed themselves. Here are a few pics of our day!

Bug Museum

These are some of the murals on the walls of the room where we were able to touch some of the creepy,crawly insects at the museum!




The Spiderweb on the ceiling of the museum

The bug university sign at the entrance of our independant exploring of the museum!

This was cute, a large sign in the “Prison” section of the museum

One of the Mass Murderers in the “Rock Prison” These models were so detailed and neat to see up so large.

Mass Murderer the Flea!

Last mass murderer of the museum, the housefly!


Talk about creepy crawly creatures! This hairy tarantula was only one of the many they had in the museum!

Ok, yes creepy crawly creatures. This Chilean Rose Hair Tarantuala was that, but look how beautiful the color of it! Allahu Akbar! We even saw a bird eating tarantula!

Only one word for this tarantuala “GARGANTUATE” lol!

This guy had made such a big and thick web it looked like it was ready to capture it’s prey!

Yet, another scary hairy tarantula!

Yes, the kids did get to touch this tarantula! They said it wasn’t rough like it looks but the hairs were soft as a peach. This tarantula’s name was Rosie and she was very delicate!



Kids were able to touch this guy too. They said he felt like plastic and not so real. haha, there descriptions!

The display of different millepedes


Centipede in it’s container

The Centipede display case

I forget the species of lobster,but he was lurking in the museum too!

Yep, we even saw a few hermit crabs!

I am not totally sure what this is, creepy looking and not sure if I want to know, lol 

Still neat huh?


These big guys are called Cave roaches

They had a large variety of Roaches in the bugseum but these ones were quite busy and interesting.

Could you imagine these big ones in your home! EWWW! Interesting to look at but not live with, hahah!

Bug Displays

Beetle displays




Look at those cockroaches!

Huge Waterbugs!

One of my “Big Lugs” faves Praying Mantis!

Another of my “Big Lugs” faves The walking sticks! He was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t able to touch one!

More Walking sticks!

Okay, after such a wonderful day, we visited the store at the bugseum so the kids could choose something to go home with.

My husband found himself wanting to be brave that day and purchased bugs to eat! Yes, You read that right EAT!

Here are the box of “larvets” he bought and made us all taste! They were cheddar cheese flavored and let me just say…the flavoring did not help at all! They were yucky! The after taste, subhan Allah. I will not be eating bugs again anytime soon!

As you can see, very little nutritional value! haha!

Well, that has ended our summer insect adventure. My boys sure love insects and I thought after all we did learning about insects that they would all be tired of them. Nope, this made them love bugs more! Masha Allah.

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  1. Nice pictures, but ewwww on the buggy snacks! lol

  2. Asalaamu alaikum

    Very fascinating but I don’t think worms are halal. I think we are allowed to eat locusts though.

  3. as salaamu alaykum
    bugs are down right scarry. i’m itching all over now!

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