Hajj Lapbook

Subhan Allah! Busy days and Dhul Hijjah around the corner insha Allah. I have not really covered Dhul Hijjah before with the kids other than basics. This year I really wanted to go further into detail.

I have started a tot book (smaller form of lapbook) for the little ones here and plan on making a lapbook with the older children. One problem…….I ran out of colored ink!!!

Right in the middle of printing! I have some goodies to offer, but I will wait a couple more days no later than Friday to post the tot book, its really simple masha Allah so it does not take a long time to make. This was a sort of last minute plan to make one since my house is full of activity every single day allowing me little creative time to myself masha Allah.

If for some reason I am not able to finish the lapbook on time, I will then just post the files here for you all to at least benefit from. I usually like giving a visual for you all to see as an example, but it may not happen masha Allah.

We also started our Bulletin board which was coming along very nicely, but ink problems! I may see if I can change the files to black and white (which I really would not want but due to the lack of time I have free and I really love the color of the files)

Please my dear readers, make du’a that I can get it all finished to help teach my children and share with you insha Allah.

Stay tuned………

Okay, I decided to just add the files insha Allah for you all to use and make your own lapbooks. I will try getting pics posted as soon as I get ink! Insha Allah.

The cover of the first book:

One page of mini book:

file: ABC’s OF HAJJ minibook BOOK

Cover for second minibook:

inside one page of minibook:

file for this mini book: COLORS OF HAJJ BOOK

A animal matching game where you match the shadow to the animal.

File for animals for dhabh: Animals for Dhabh matching Game

Haj Day By Day mini books: hajjdaybydaylapbook

Hajj Day by Day mini books Write text in _______________: hajjdaybydaylapbookfillinblanks

File for Hajj puzzles: TWOPIECEHAJJPUZZLES

For more Hajj activities go over to A Muslim Child is Born Blog there are a few things you can do over there insha Allah


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  1. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Ooooo..looking forward to it sis insha’Allah! You’re building suspense with telling us you’ve got goodies in store…lol….but guess who’ll be checking back this yaumul jummah?….me insha’Allah!…(smile).

  2. Assalamualikum Sis,

    The mini books are lovely and I’ve already downloaded them, Alhamdulillah. Insha Allah, I’ll be using them shortly.

    Jazakillahu Khair.

  3. Assalamu alaykum,

    JazakhaAllau khayr sister, May Allah reward you abundantly inshaAllah.
    Usually I use materials in Uzbek (our native language)or I translate them into uzbek since my kids are still young and their English is not good.
    But this time I used you materials just the way they are, my kids loved them alhamdulillah. I used your materials to make a bulletin board too.
    We are studying mini books now, we put them in our Hajj lapbook.It is not complete yet. I’m tryng to learn how to extand the lapbook (need some advice/instructions).
    My 2,5 year old son loves the books. His grandparents went to perform Hajj this year, and we are learning what they will be doing during hajj days inshaAllah. He really loves his grandpa, he always pretends that he is grandpa. When we study the Colors of hajj I show him the Ihram page and ask him who this person is and what he is wearing. He says he is grandpa and he is wearing ihram. mashaAllah.

    You can see the picture here:
    The first page is all about Hajj theme we have been covering.

    I wrote brief explanation in English with bold blue letters.

    once again thanks you, May Allah reward you with khayr, ameen.
    assalamu alaykum

  4. salam alayki okhti machallah! barakallahofiki wa jazakallahokhiran sorry i don’t speak english, i am french.salam alaykoum.

  5. This is an excellent site. Thanks for sharing about all your lapbooks and homeschooling ideas and adventures. It especially interests me because my being a Christian I’ve never even heard of these celebrations within islam. It seems religions close people off from one another.

    What does ‘Insha Allah’ mean? Is that like ‘God willing’ or ‘if God wills it’ ?

    Thanks for making such a wonderful blog.

  6. AsalamuAlaykum,

    Jazakallah khairun for the mini books. I have used some of them for the hajj lapbooks we made. I really like your blog mashallah. May Allah reward you for your efforts. Ameen


  7. Ma sha’Allah these are just wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  8. […] Hajj mini books. Over at her blog, Umm Abdul Basir’s got ‘ABCs of Hajj” and “Colors of Hajj” books and more “goodies” (the use of that […]

  9. Jazaki Allah khayr. I just wanted to say that i added the day of Nahr/EId as the 6th day on the blank ones. I believe it is the last day of Hajj. what you do on that day is part of the rites of Hajj.

  10. assalamu alaikum
    jazaki allahu khair may Allah reward you abundantly, its my first time visiting this site since have just completed education and am currenntly working as a teacher in an islamic intergrated school it has recently opened and we are currently at the growing stage request for lots of duas jazakillahu khairan i am looking forward to use these activities with the kids…………

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